One of the Flash’s enemies is making a big leap with reports that Gorilla Grodd will be adding more trouble to the “Legends of tomorrow” next season. The telepathic ape is one of Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) formidable foes, so his insertion spells more trouble for the time-traveling heroes.

This means that the villains to appear in the CW series are slowly growing in numbers. Already mentioned were Damien Dhark (Neal McDonough) and Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor), the sister of Mari McCabe, a.k.a. Megalyn E.K.’s version of Vixen according to Who could be next?

Timeline getting crazier by the day

With three well-known villains in the mix, season 3 of “Legends of Tomorrow” all the more looks complicated. Similar to Dhark, there is no telling when Grodd will emerge and give the team something to think about. However, the frequency of his appearances may be limited, depending on the show budget.

Seeing how a lot needs to be done to set things in order, Grodd could be a result of the botched timeline. Most remember Grodd as holding residence on Earth-2 on the Flash, hardly a solution considering the wise gorilla still has devious things up his sleeve.

Also, it begs to ask if Grodd will be part of the crossovers CW has planned. It would make sense for the telepathic gorilla to be in all shows like “The Flash,” “Arrow” and “Supergirl” though all that falls in the hands of the producers.

If not, seeing him deal with the Legends will suffice, mind games of which could involve Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) and probably Firestorm (Franz Drameh). Amaya (Maisie Richardson- Sellers) could be another adversary for Grodd considering she does have her powers tied up to animals.

Grodd will have his time

Seeing how the immediate task of the Legends is to restore order in the timeline, doing so will likely pave the way for his coming.

While most may see a more stable world at some point, Grodd looms as the new threat once the team deals with the Time Bureau. Could Grodd’s entry be a result of Dhark’s efforts? That too is a possibility with time-travel making almost anything possible.

With three villains practically confirmed, there could be more in the mix.

Some may appear via cameo roles while other unnamed villains (likely from the comics) could be inserted at some point in the third season.

There are plenty more to expect for all CW shows as the plots and teasers slowly come out one by one. “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” returns on October 10 via CW meaning more revelations are expected in the coming months.