On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," carly bonds with one woman and may have a severed relationship with another. Her encounter with Alexis is very positive, but when she hears what Sam has to say, Mrs. Corinthos is literally speechless.

Alexis and Carly bond over their daughters

Alexis and Carly are dealing with headstrong daughters. Christina believes Alexis is trying to control her and does not want her to have a friendship with Parker. She tells her mother that she needs to allow her to live her own life.This is pretty hypocritical as both Molly and Christina have been hard on Alexis for choosing to stick with Julian.

Joslyn believes Carly is trying to sabotage her relationship with Oscar and wants her mother to butt out.

Later, as Alexis is waiting on Christina at a restaurant, she and Carly have a girl talk. Carly admits that she and Joslyn's relationship seems to have changed overnight, and now Joss is a rebellious teen. Alexis shares her own troubles with her middle daughter and the decision she has made. She tells Carly there is no choice except to allow their children to make their own mistakes and learn from them. The two women chat until Christina shows up, and that is when Carly leaves.

Sam admits she shot Sonny

Mrs. Corinthos next walks in on Sam telling Sonny that she must let Carly know the truth.

Sonny tries to stop her but Sam is adamant. Jason comes in and he too wants his wife to keep quiet. Carly gets angry and reminds Sonny that they said there would be no more secrets between them. She tells him they should never make that promise again because there are always secrets.

Carly then demands to know what is going on and finally, Sam blurts out, "I shot Sonny." This is a shock and was not anything she could have imagined.And Carly will probably be angrier over the fact that she was kept in the dark than she will be upon finding out Sam is the shooter.

Knowing her best friend and her spouse have been lying to her is going to send her into a tailspin.

Carly will be hurt that Sonny and Jason did not trust her with this secret, and of course, she will want to make Sam pay. Jason and Sonny will do all they can to try to calm her down and explain the situation, but it will no doubt be too much, too little too late. Carly may even believe that Sam should be turned in to the authorities.Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 p.m. EST to find out what Carly does next.