Fans of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” were shocked when one of Daenerys’ dragons (Viserion) was killed by the Night King in episode 6, “Beyond the Wall.” However, in the Season 7 finale, they were even more shocked when, after he was revived into an Ice Dragon, he unleashed his power and destroyed a huge chunk of the Wall.

It may have been the first time for fans of the television series in terms of witnessing the ice dragon’s power, but hardcore fans of George R.R. Martin’s books are familiar with an earlier reference to the mythological creature. Elite Daily reported that Martin earlier penned a short story called "The Ice Dragon" which may provide clues about Viserion’s true abilities.

The longest winter

"The Ice Dragon" tells the story of a child named Adara, an odd little girl who befriends an ice dragon who has been scaring the people of her town. Adara is considered odd because she has an extremely pale appearance. She also has skin that is cold to the touch. Unlike other children, she seems cold because she is unable to show happiness. In the story, Adara uses her ice dragon to defeat fire dragons that attack her town. In the end, the ice dragon triumphs over its enemies before dying. However, as the dragon dies, so does Adara’s coldness, and she is left to live like a normal girl.

Stronger than the average dragon

According to legend, ice dragons are believed to be stronger than average dragons and are feared by sailors who sail through the Shivering Sea.

While many seafarers have reported sightings of the powerful creatures, maesters have refused to account for them, leading to a shortage of information about them.

In "The Ice Dragon," it was confirmed that ice dragons can take on and triumph over multiple fire dragons. This means that if Viserion faces off with his brothers, he has a strong chance of taking down Drogon and Rhaegal.

It can be recalled that in the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 finale, the Night King rode Viserion to the Wall and showed the dragons' strength. Viserion easily destroyed a huge part of the Wall with his frozen fire and made way for the White Walker army to attack the Seven Kingdoms.

They melt when slain

Based on the same tale, ice dragons simply melt when they die. The same thing happened when Adara’s dragon died. It remains to be seen what Viserion’s role will be for his mother Daenerys. For now, he has become a powerful weapon for the Night King and his army.