In October, "Stranger Things" Season 2 is set to return with even more mysteries surrounding the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Viewers were promised a darker, stranger sophomore season, with each of the characters dealing with the repercussions of what took place in the first season. For one, Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven mysteriously disappeared after she defeated the Demogorgon, but that isn't the last viewers will see of her. David Harbour's Chief Jim Hopper was seen leaving her favorite food, Eggos, in the forest, presumably because she is still alive and out there somewhere.

Speaking of Chief Hopper, Harbour recently opened up to Men's Journal about what his character will have to deal with when the sophomore season premieres this October. It won't be an easy road moving forward for the police chief.

Chief Hopper has 'reawakened' a part of himself

In a recent interview with Men's Journal, "Hellboy" reboot star David Harbour spoke about how Chief Jim Hopper differs in "Stranger Things" season 2. He explained that saving Will Byers "reawakened a piece of himself." As an alcoholic who could not come to grips with the death of his own daughter, Hopper believed he did not have his life on track, but after becoming a heroic figure for Eleven, Will, and the rest of the kids, it seems like he's rediscovered a purpose.

Harbour explained, "Now the struggle is this self-inflating feeling of control. Perhaps overextending because of that. What can a savior complex do to you?"

There's more to Hopper than viewers already know

In "Stranger Things" season 2, David Harbour promises that viewers will get to see more sides to Chief Jim Hopper than what viewers already know.

The actor admitted that there will be "layers that are revealed down the road." Interestingly, Hopper will eventually come full circle, as Harbour explained, "One of the great elements of him is that at the end of the day he will be exactly who he was at the beginning of the series, but it will have gotten even more complicated."

Sophomore season premiering in October

While it's unclear what exactly David Harbour means about Chief Jim Hopper being exactly who he was at the beginning of the show, it will be interesting to see how he responds to the mysteries that are coming to the town of Hawkins.

For one, Will Byers is still dealing with the horrors of the Upside Down a year after he was saved, and Eleven is still out there, waiting to be rediscovered and reunited with her friends. "Stranger Things" season 2 premieres on Netflix on October 27.