As Game of Thrones season 7 is gradually and inevitably coming to its end, Episode 5 really prepared us for the real show in episodes 6 and 7. There were some spectacular moments as well as silent but symbolic ones. Also, there were plenty of references to season 1 lest we have forgotten it, which is quite possible given the fact that most characters are dead by this season. Here is the list of the 5 most important and special moments in episode 5.

Cersei is pregnant

After meeting with Tyrion, Jaime goes to check on his sister and this is when the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms admits she's pregnant.

The look on Jaime's face is priceless; this man believes everything she says. Many people think that this is a ruse in order to keep Jaime close to her and stay as devoted as always, if not more. Others claim this is authentic news, which will lead to her wreaking some terrible havoc on the lands she is supposed to protect.

As if she wasn't mad enough. Cersei would do anything for her "babies."

Jon Snow and the dragon

Dragons are indeed beautiful beasts. I enjoy all the scenes with them and finally, we saw what they are capable of in terms of war. The scene between Drogon and Jon Snow is very touching and symbolic. This is yet another proof that the King in the North is a true Targaryen. This also confirms that, most probably next season, Jon will have a dragon for himself.

Which one do you think it will be? Raeghal or Viserion? In my opinion, it will be Raeghal who is named after Jon's true father – Raeghar Targaryen.

There is another question. Who will be the third rider? Or maybe one of the dragons will be killed?

What's “annulment”?

Usually, the scenes between Gilly and Sam are not my favorite ones, but this is very very special.

Let's put aside all the interesting facts about a Maester's bowel movements, there was a major bomb dropped by showrunners, David and Dan. While reading, Gilly asks Sam what annulment is. He distractedly explains and Gilly keeps on reading something about Prince Rheager and the fact that his marriage was annulled, and he secretly remarried again.

Wait, wait! This means that not only is Jon a Targaryen but also a legitimate one. In fact, his right to the thrones is even stronger than Daenerys'. Amazing.

Littlefinger outplayed Arya

As much as I love Arya, I have to admit – Lord Baelish totally outplayed and outmaneuvered the faceless girl. And that's quite logical – Littlefinger has been playing this game for decades and has survived so far, which is something one can really be proud of. To me, Peter Baelish is like the three-eyed raven – he sees and knows everything. Will this lead to more brawls and discord between the two sisters? Certainly. Will they find a way to sort things out and punish the "little" schemer? We are about to find out.

Dream Team faces the army of the dead

Absolute fan favorite. Even Barcelona Dream Team cannot match this perfection. The Hound, Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion (who is basically immortal), Jorah Mormont, Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane and Gendry. These guys are all crazy warriors, fighters, and soldiers. They are heading North, beyond the Wall, on a “sacred” mission - to capture a White. I expect that episode six will be a massive fight show and also promises to deliver some hilarious moments. After all, we have Tormund, the Hound, Thoros and company.

All in all, episode 6 promise to be fantastic!