With Gendry finally back in the picture with his appearance in “Game of Thrones” recent episode “Eastwatch,” fans are hopeful Robert Baratheon’s bastard son will make a difference in the war against the White Walkers. However, the fresh trailer for the penultimate episode of the seventh season does not seem to bode well for the blacksmith.

In danger of death

The trailer for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 episode 6 promises an action packed episode after Jon Snow and his motley crew of characters including Gendry, Ser Jorah Mormont, Tormund Giantsbane, the Hound and the Brotherhood without Banners set off beyond the Wall.

In the last episode, Jon decided to set off beyond the Wall to find that White Walkers exist.

Gendry, who was hiding in King’s Landing all along, rejoins Ser Davos Seaworth back at Dragonstone. Against his advice, Gendry introduces himself to Jon as Robert Baratheon’s son. The two bastards hit it off quickly as they reminisced that their fathers had a deep friendship and fought well together.

Gendry was also one of the first to volunteer for the mission beyond the Wall as he understood how important it was to save the Seven Kingdoms from the threat that the Night King poses. However, a scene from the trailer has scared netizens into believing that he might not survive the trip back.

In one scene, Gendry is seen wielding his hammer against a White Walker, but in another, the Hound was shown carrying the hammer.

Netizens posited that Gendry would not let go of his weapon of choice if he was still alive. Another one that hinted danger for Gendry was the fact that his weapon does not contain elements like Dragonglass or Valyrian steel that can kill White Walkers.

A bigger role

While some fans believe that Gendry will become like Rickon, dying quickly after a long break, many still believe that the son of Robert Baratheon will not resurface only to die a quick death.

Many believe that he has a bigger role to play in the final war.

Reddit user fifthpilgrim posted a theory that Gendry’s fake name, Clovis, could actually indicate what his role in the war will be. It can be recalled that in “Eastwatch,” Gendry was addressed with a fake name, Clovis, Hello Giggles reported.

According to the Reddit user, Clovis is an actual stone tool technology that is used in crafting weapons.

As Gendry is a blacksmith by profession, and there is a need to make weapons from Dragonglass to battle the White Walkers, it is more likely that he will survive the mission and help craft weapons in Winterfell. Besides, he hasn’t reunited with Arya yet.