The Korean peninsula has almost reached its boiling point. Everybody is trying to show off – Trump and his never-ending speeches about mayhem and destruction; Kim Jong-un and his nuclear weapon obsession; Putin and his desire to make Russia a great empire again. But the center of the events is North Korea and the regime's constant provocations. What is the real purpose of Kim Jong-un? Why does he so desperately want to Start A War he cannot win?

Korean “unification”

Or occupation, if you like it better. Ever since his father – Kim Jong-Il, the North has had an appetite for the richer, democratic and prosperous South.

Little fact comparison – the North's GDP per capita in 2015 was $1,700 and the South's was $37,100. The difference between the standard of living is overwhelming. Another pain in the neck for the North is the people fleeing the “beloved father and country” and moving to the South. The sheer presence of South Korea and all the problems it “causes” to the “prosperity” of the North's nation and regime is a solid reason for the dictator to invade.

Powerful and independent

Even though the country is independent, make no mistake – the regime survives because of its complete dependence on Russia and China. Being in the mind of another person is hard, trying to understand a maniac is even harder. Maybe Kim Jong-un really wants to make North Korea one of the most powerful countries and bring peace to his people.

Maybe his deep affection for nuclear weapons is a sign both to his "masters" - Russia and China - and his enemies.

Kim's political survival

The third one, and most likely in my opinion, is Kim's own political survival. Even though the country pretends to be a communist heaven, everything is just a facade. The state is poor, the people are repressed and freedom of speech means nothing.

On the other hand, Kim Jong-un has studied in a foreign country (Switzerland according to a Washington Post report) and has never seen hunger, poverty or misery. Despite his being the Chairman of the Worker's Party, the man has never been a worker. It's only logical and understandable given the circumstances that he wants to keep the flow going forever and is primarily focused on his own political survival.

To strike a long-term deal with the US and South Korea means the end of his political career. Perhaps he also fears for his life after a reported attempt to murder him. One of the things proving this hypothesis is the fact that he fiercely eliminates all sources of rivalry or opposition while they are still newborn and weak.

Whatever his reasons are, he wants to start a war he cannot win. A war that will cost the lives and future of many innocent people.