For some "Game of Thrones" fans "The Queen's Justice" episode was a letdown. Bland, emotionless reunion between Bran and Sansa in the North, Littlefinger's creepiness at its highest and two disappointing battles at Casterly Rock and Highgarden. Sure, we did see Daenerys and Jon meet for the first time, but other than some interesting callbacks, there wasn't much going on in this scene.

However, two scenes might have hinted at the fates of major characters. So let's break them down and reveal what they bring to the table. Be careful though, spoilers will follow.

The Queen's Justice

There's no doubt that the scene in which Cersei Lannister took revenge on Ellaria Sand was one of the most brutal ones in the show's history. However, this wasn't the only time that something like this happened.

Aerys II Targaryen was an evil man. Paranoid and mad. But he definitely earned his nickname "The Mad King" after a particular event. Knowing that his sister Lyanna was kidnapped by King's son Rhaegar, Brandon Stark rushed to King's Landing enraged but only to be captured by the King who then summoned Brandon's father Rickard Stark, the Warden of the North, to come to King's Landing and rescue his son. But when Rickard demanded a trial by combat, Aerys declared fire as his champion.

"The Mad King" ordered his pyromancers to light a fire beneath Rickard. Then, he brought Brandon into the throne room with a strangulation device around his neck. Rickard was burning in front of the very eyes of his son who strangled himself as he tried to reach the sword and help his father.

With the latest "Game of Thrones" episode we can now draw even more parallels between Cersei and "The Mad King." Now we know that not only is she obsessed with wildfire, but she also gets rid of their enemies in a similar style.

And given the fact that nothing is a coincidence in "Game of Thrones" it stands the reason to believe that Cersei will meet her demise in the similar fashion as Mad King Aerys did.

"She will be the end of you"

Another interesting scene that might have hinted at the future was the conversation Jaime Lannister, and Olenna Tyrel had just before he poisoned her wine.

"The Queen of Thorns" made an ominous prediction that Cersei will be the end of him. And that statement along with Jaime's wish to die in the arms of the woman he loves makes me think that this will eventually happen. Perhaps Jaime will decide it's time to protect the people from the mad monarch once again and kill his sister once he sees how mad she has become. However, this time, he might kill himself too.