Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 titled “Beyond the Wall” aired yesterday and just like the penultimate season, the penultimate episode turned out to be a game changer. It has raised the stakes for the finale with the killing of one of Daenerys’ dragons Viserion who has been taken by the Night King and is now an ice dragon, the most lethal part of his army. Also, Dany reunited with Jon Snow and their coming together has become clearer as the tender emotions they harbor for each other have come forth.

Director Alan Taylor finds Viserion’s loss major story point in terms of power struggle

Director Alan Taylor who directed “Beyond the Wall” feels that the loss of Viserion was not just a big emotional moment for Daenerys, but it was also a significant event in terms of the power struggle that will get even more complex in the final season. He said that he was grateful that one or two of the turning points in the HBO series happened in his episode. He also revealed that the HBO series had always attached some extra weight to the penultimate episode and there was also a tendency to come up with a big turn in this episode and then resolve things in the finale.

Emilia Clarke calls loss heartbreaking

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke has said that losing Viserion was as much a heartbreak as it was him being given to the other side. However, she also noted that her dragon could not have died in vain and thus, the event is going to be quite significant as it is now even more important for her to defeat the Night King.

The actress also revealed a rather funny part of the turning point as she quipped that of all the three dragons, it was Viserion, the one she named after her cruel brother that went on the wrong side and it is not surprising as he was the rotten egg.

'Beyond the Wall' brought Daenerys and Jon Snow closer

The loss of Viserion was undoubtedly a big blow for the audiences in the sixth episode but then they also got to watch the romantic flames between Daenerys and Jon Snow, something they had been yearning for seasons.

The look in her eyes when she leaves Jon to save her two dragons and others on the mission to the one that she had when she saw his scars as he lay on the bed, it was clear that she does not feel the same about him as she did earlier. As for Jon, his saying sorry and then agreeing to bend his knee to hold her hands, it was crystal clear that ice and fire have come together and more sparks are set to fly in the coming episodes.