In this episode of 'Game of Thrones,' Arya's sister wants help from little-finger who argues that Brienne Of Tarth should protect her in case Arya tries to kill her. The group fights the White Walker with wights while heading north. The Night King [VIDEO] murders one of Daenerys's dragons. The Night King re-animates the dead dragon and turns its eyes blue signifying it is part of 'the dead army.' Because of this act, Daenerys is determined to destroy the Night King.

Below is the trailer.

Here is the plot of the whole episode.

Arya confronts Sansa

Arya discovers a letter in little finger's room and confronts her sister for the letter, accusing her of betraying their family.

In the letter, her sister asked her family to pledge loyalty to King Joffrey Baratheon. In her defense, her sister states that she was only a child when writing the letter and that she was forced by Cersei to write the letter. Arya's sister [VIDEO] seeks help from little finger who states that Brienne of Tarth should defend her in case Arya attempts to kill her. Sansa later finds a bag containing several faces in Arya's room. Arya suddenly enters the room and threatens to take Sansa's face but later leaves the room.

The group heads north

The planned meeting with Cersei makes Tyrion to be concerned and wonders who would succeed Daenerys. Daenerys takes Rhaegal, Dragon, and Viserion, beyond the Wall.

A group of Wildlings and Jon, Tormund, Jorah, the Hound, Gendry, Beric and Beric head north beyond the Wall [VIDEO] to find and capture a wight and bring it to the King's Landing to show that the White Walker exist and that they are a threat. Jorah refuses an ancient family sword from Jon. The sword was given to John by Jorah's father.

While heading north, the group is attacked by a polar bear that nearly kills Thoros.

The group, however, continues heading north after managing to kill the bear by burning it. The group later finds the White Walker with a wight. The wights are attacked, Jon's Longclaw destroys the White Walker [VIDEO]. The group takes one wight hostage after killing the rest.

Fearing being attacked by the White Walkers army, Gendry requests for help by sending a raven. The White Walker's army scares the remaining group members who run to the island of ice. A large crack on the ice holds back the wights for some time. The wights continue their attack after the cracked ice refreezes. You can watch the island of ice scene below.

Daenerys arrives with her dragons

A fight ensues but is saved by Daenerys who arrives with three dragons and burns the wights. Daenerys attempts to save the group by landing a dragon. Jon is constantly attacked by the wights and is unable to join them. One of the dragons is killed by an ice spear thrown by The Night King. Jon is left behind after Daenerys, and the others fly away to safety.

Jon is later saved by his uncle. He then travels to the south of the wall after Benjen gives him a horse. The dead dragon in revived after being pooled out of the frozen water by wights. Its eyes are now after the Night King [VIDEO] re-animates it and now becomes part of the army of the dead.

In the last scene, Jon heals on a ship from the battle while heading to King's Landing. He apologizes on the death of one of Daenerys's dragon. He pledges loyalty to Daenerys by calling her 'my Queen.' Daenerys is now determined to kill the Night King.