The seventh season of “Game of Thrones” has ended. The season was full of interesting details, parallelism, and reunions. The season was also filled with important Lessons from the characters.

Do research

Samwell Tarly was in the Citadel, with Gilly and Little Sam, training to become a maester at the beginning of Season 7. As seen in the first episode, it was not what he expected. The tasks given to him were either boring or disgusting. Then he decided to break some rules – he stole a maester’s key so he can get books from the restricted section.

Sam started reading books and researching for details on how to defeat the Army of the Undead. In Season 3, Sam discovered that dragonglass can be used to kill White Walkers and wights. In the Citadel, he read that Dragonstone has an abundance of dragonglass in its caves – which lead to Jon meeting Daenerys.

While in the Citadel, Sam came across Jorah Mormont, whose greyscale was getting worse. Maester Ebrose told Jorah that the greyscale will consume his brain within two months. Greyscale was presumed incurable until Sam found a treatment from a book by Archmaester Pylos. Sam (literally) peeled off the greyscale skin off of Jorah and applied some salve on the flesh. In the end, Jorah was cured and went off to serve Daenerys.

Although it was Sam that told Bran that Rhaegar’s marriage to Elia Martel was annulled, it was Gilly who discovered important detail. Gilly was reading the diary of High Septon Maynard and asked Sam what annulment means. It was revealed that Rhaegar had his first marriage annulled in order to marry Lyanna Stark – which made Jon a legitimate child.

So if anything, do some research and read books, because you never know if you’ll discover something important.

Revenge is best served cold

Queen Cersei may have had to wait for some time to get revenge for Myrcella’s death, but she eventually got her hands on Ellaria and Tyene Sand – presented as gifts from Euron Greyjoy.

In Season 5, Ellaria avenged Oberyn’s death by poisoning Myrcella.

In Season 7, Cersei had her revenge well thought-out. She had Ellaria and Tyene chained to opposite sides of the wall just inches apart. She kissed Tyene with the Long Farewell – the same poison Ellaria used on Myrcella. Ellaria will have to watch her own daughter die in front of her.

Master the game

Sansa Stark has spent most of her life surrounded by people who play the games well. She learned a lot from Cersei, Ramsay Bolton, and Littlefinger. Littlefinger has been busy teaching Sansa how to play the game while tearing the two Stark sisters apart. Everything was going well according to his plan until Sansa turned the tables on him.

The Stark children worked together to prove Littlefinger’s crimes and were sentenced to death. Sansa thanked him for all the lessons he taught her, then Arya slashed his throat. There is a saying that goes "Master the rules game until you can play it better than they can," Sansa defeated Littlefinger in his own game - with the help of Bran and Arya of course.