We Game of Thrones fans, silently (almost) and patiently (a lie!) are waiting for the new episode. Come on, Daenerys, stop listening to these schemers, eunuchs and various sorts of bad guys. Ride your little cute black pony and bring some fire upon the Lannisters. Show them some real killing. Talking about killing, Game of Thrones is one of the bloodiest shows ever on TV and boasts incredible creativity when it comes to eliminating characters. Which are the most horrible and memorable ones?

The Great Sept of Baelor – mass murder

Boom. There wasn't even time for screams and blood.

Margery, Loras and their father Mace Tyrell; The High Sparrow and all his sparrows; all the holy septons and septas; they all went to hell. The cause – Queen Cersei or maybe the Mad Queen? This is one of the most spectacular moments ever on TV, I suppose. If only Tywin Lannister had been alive to see. Perhaps, he would have been disappointed.

The Red Wedding – Catelyn Stark

Just like the previous one, it was a mass murder but I thought Catelyn'"s death was really atrocious. Remember the gushing sound her blood made when they slit her throat? That's not so unusual, but the betrayal, the pain she felt when her son was killed before her eyes. I will never Forget the way her throat was “staring” at the camera for 10 seconds.

No wonder in the books she comes back as Lady Stoneheart. It's a pity we don't see her in the show.

Oberyn Martell vs the Mountain

Only a fool would stand in the way of the Mountain. That fool paid the price. The Red Viper (Prince Oberyn's nickname) offered his help and decided to be Tyrion's champion in the upcoming trial by combat facing the Mountain.

He did it not because he cared about the dwarf but because he wanted revenge for his sister's murder. Yes, we all cheered when the Viper bit here and there and the final blow… but it looked too easy. Then, ostensibly defeated, the Mountain grabbed his opponent and just in front of our eyes crushed Oberyn's skull. We hoped, we lost.

The Purple Wedding – King Joffrey

Even at his own wedding, the boy king was ill-tempered, spiteful and disgusting. He humiliated the smartest dwarf who ever lived in Westeros. And, eventually, he got what he deserved. Terrible death, indeed. The boy was poisoned and his face became so purple while trying to take a breath that I thought he was going to explode like a volcano and sprinkle the guests with some human lava.

Poor little princess Shireen

Definitely, this is number one on my list. This girl was really cute and sweet. The way her parents sacrificed her seemed to me surreal and absurd. Why would you try to win a war and a throne when there is no one to further the line? Nonetheless, Shireen was burned alive and the screams were a pain in my heart.

These were my five picks, what are yours? Due to the endless number of dead people in Game of Thrones, please forgive me if I have missed your choices. Keep in mind that we have yet to see a season and a half, who knows what the future holds.