Disney will be ushering in a new front for entertainment, as they decided to launch their very own streaming service. Recent reports say that the company will be ending its long-time streaming deal with Netflix, one the largest providers of TV and movie streaming on the internet today.

'Frozen' sequel, 'Toy Story 4' to be included in brand-new platform

A report from The Verge said that the sequel to Disney's "Frozen" — one of its most successful animated movies to date — will be launched on the upcoming streaming service. Along with this, classic movies from the acclaimed Animation Studio will be included, like the "Toy Story" series.

"Original movies, TV shows, and short-form content will be added to the [streaming] service, and it’ll be filled out with older movies from Disney and Pixar’s catalog and shows from Disney’s TV channels," the report said.

This seems to be a logical thing for Disney to do, as the company has one of the largest libraries of hit shows and movies that have already become part of popular culture. It should be noted that up to now, some consumers still rely on actually purchasing movies from Disney to own them and watch them on their own time.

Netflix to be 'cut-off' from Disney movies in 2019

However, the move will be a terrible blow to Netflix, which of course benefits from the ongoing deal between the two companies.

This included revoking the streaming rights for classics, as well as all-time favorites from the animation and entertainment mogul.

Disney and Netflix have been on an ongoing deal since 2012. However, the latter did not really get much benefit from it until recently, as streaming was not a very popular medium back then. It has been reported that only last year did Netflix get a significant amount of profit from the deal.

Now, even those profits will be taken away, too, in light of Disney's recent announcement.

Still, Disney is not so cruel as to pull the plug instantly. They said that Netflix will not lose access to its films immediately, but will be only cut-off from the movies that will be released from 2019 onwards.

For "Star Wars" fans out there, this means that two movies from the brand-new trilogy will still be streamable from Netflix.

However, the third and final installment will not be, and will most likely be launched on Disney's new streaming platform along with the titles mentioned above.

Disney's streaming service will be built around a technology called BAMTech, which is innovated by MLB Advanced Media. It was reported that Disney has been investing on MLB for quite some time now, and this streaming service will be one of the fruits of said investment.