Justin Bieber intended to take a complete break from the music scene when he canceled the remainder of his "Purpose" world tour a few days. According to a Hollywood Life source, the Pop Singer plans to use this breather to focus on himself and not to write new songs.

Bieber ends 'Purpose' world tour after 18 months

On July 25, Bieber's company announced that the pop singer will no longer push through with his concert shows in the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Singapore due to "unforeseen circumstances" and guaranteed that the "Love Yourself" did not intend to disappoint his fans over the sudden decision.

His cancellation, however, earned mixed response from Beliebers who insisted to hear from Justin Bieber to explain what fueled his decision. Justin Bieber was seen on several occasions before he actually broke his silence on the cancellation of his "Purpose" world tour.

In a lengthy message to his fans, the 23-year-old artist said that he is taking this time off to become a sustainable person, artist, husband, and father in the future. Although he acknowledged that not everyone will understand where he was coming from, Justin Bieber thought it was still best to speak his heart out and show his fans what they mean to him. "I'm grateful for the tours but most of all I am grateful I get to go through this life with you," he wrote.

How is JB doing after tour cancellation?

While it is still unclear if the singer will return to the music scene anytime soon, an insider clarified that the "Love Yourself" artist will not use his break to create new music for his comeback. “Justin wants to take a complete break from music for a while, regroup and just spend some time getting his head together,” it said.

The affiliate continued, “He really needs to step aside for a bit, catch his breath, and take some time out to reevaluate his goals and center himself. Justin wants to take this time off to rest and recuperate, reflect on his life and get himself back on track.”

Another source confirmed to EW that the pop singer "hasn't been feeling well mentally" in the wake of his non-stop touring and promotional gigs.

Although he feels guilty for canceling his concert tour, Justin Bieber still thinks he made the right decision to make himself a priority over his career.

The affiliate said that the "Cold Water" crooner is "doing great already" and has been spending some time with his friends now that he has plenty of time on his hands. Aside from that, Justin Bieber regularly attends church services in Beverly Hills.