Jenelle Evans is one of the stars from "Teen Mom 2" and she recently followed her co-stars’ footsteps in regards to writing a book. Evans is not the first reality start to write a book about her struggles, but it sounds like fans are very shocked to learn everything she went through as a child. Evans opens up about her siblings, which is a topic that she hasn't discussed on "Teen Mom 2." In her book, Jenelle talks about her brother Colin and how he misbehaved at a very young age.

Jenelle Evans has talked about how she is trying to turn her life around and how she's fighting for custody of her first-born son Jace.

Fans know that she really wants custody of her son, but her mother Barbara Evans has absolutely no interest in giving him back. She's constantly going to court to fight her daughter on custody even though they had an agreement. Based on everything Jenelle wrote in her book, fans are now reaching out to her asking her if she is in a better place.

Her actions prove she has grown up

Jenelle recently opened up on Twitter, explaining that she's in a much better place after everything she has gone through. Back in January, she gave birth to her first daughter Ensley, who joins the family of two brothers. It sounds like Evans is very happy with her current boyfriend David Eason, and they are planning on getting married shortly.

They also recently bought a finished house and they are getting ready to settle down away from all the drama. Jenelle has even bought property away from the public eye, so she can continue her life in private once her "Teen Mom 2" days are over.

"Yes, things are much easier now! Can't wait for everyone to see where I'm at now," Jenelle revealed on social media recently.

She may never get custody back

It is admirable to see that she is doing so well in her life after everything she's been through as a child. As she explains social media, she's doing much better considering all of the drama her mother has put her through over the years. As fans see on "Teen Mom 2,” she doesn’t have a healthy relationship with her mother at all.

They are often fighting and fans are wondering if she will ever get custody of her son. Based on the way things are going now it doesn't sound like she has a fighting chance. Barbara will do anything to keep Jace in her care even though Jenelle is doing much better.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ tweet, saying that she's doing much better these days compared to her past? Do you think she's doing much better despite everything you've seen her go through on “Teen Mom 2?”