Blasting News recently reported on the addition of Sissy Spacek and Jane Levy to the cast of the Stephen King and J.J. Abrams Hulu show “Castle Rock.” Both ladies play supporting roles, with André Holland in the male lead in the 10-episode psychological horror. Well, now we know who the female lead is to be in the upcoming series – based on King’s masterful multiverse – as Melanie Lynskey’s name is added to the title.

‘Castle Rock’ is not your everyday adaptation of a Stephen King novel

The TV show is not your average adaptation of a King horror novel – it is a brand new story with connections to many of the best-selling author’s stories and books.

With King and Abrams in charge, this mishmash of iconic characters and stories is sure to be interesting. Abrams was also involved in the adaptation of King’s time travel story, “11/22/63,” which was also featured on Hulu last year, so he’s well “into” King’s work.

Melanie Lynskey to play a real estate agent in a town where houses don’t sell

As for Lynskey, according to a report by Deadline, she is set to play the lead female role of Molly Strand opposite Holland’s lead male role. Her character is a struggling real estate agent trying to sell homes well known for horrible happenings, and who suffers from a rare medical condition. Lynskey is also not new to the work of King, as she made her TV debut in 2002 in the miniseries adaptation of “Rose Red.” As reported by Variety, she has more recently been seen in the Netflix show “Girlboss.”

As previously reported by Blasting News, Spacek is another actress familiar with King’s work, as she starred as the lead in the 1976 movie adaptation of “Carrie.”

Holland, while he hasn’t been involved in a King project before, is known for his role in the recent “American Horror Story: Roanoke” series, giving him a great background in pure horror.

Levy definitely has a great horror background for her roles in both “Evil Dead” and “Don’t Breathe,” so all in all, the cast so far is pretty much perfect for a great King atmosphere and tone.

It looks like Hulu is definitely putting its money where its mouth is, so to speak.

Hints of Stephen King stories to be drawn on for ‘Castle Rock’

So far we have nothing in the way of a plot for the series, other than the tantalizing teaser trailer recently released, but in that trailer references are made to great King novels and film adaptations.

These include “Salem’s Lot,” “It,” “Misery,” “Needful Things,” “Shawshank Redemption” and “The Shining.” We are led to believe that elements of each iconic story could play a part in “Castle Rock,” which could make for a fascinating journey when we finally get to watch the TV show. On top of this, the name of the town itself is drawn from several of King’s novels and short stories and has a familiar and creepy feel to it.

While several King adaptations in the past have been met with criticism from both readers and critics, with “Castle Rock” being an amalgam of so many original tales, maybe this will be a hit for Hulu. We’ll just have to wait and see.