Fans of Stephen King and horror shows, in general, haven’t heard much about the upcoming 10-episode Hulu series “Castle Rock” besides the teaser trailer that was recently released. However, the J.J. Abrams-produced show is starting to come together, with various actors already cast for roles in the mysterious series. The latest news is that Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Sissy Spacek – who played the title character in the movie adaptation of King's novel “Carrie” – will be playing a Castle Rock resident. Also recently added to the cast is Jane Levy (known for the horror films “Don’t Breathe” and “Evil Dead”).

Who’s who in ‘Castle Rock'?

As reported by Syfywire, so far the cast of the new psychological horror series includes Andre Holland (of “Moonlight” fame) in the role of Henry, a death row attorney with ties to Castle Rock. Holland is also well known for his roles in the TV series “American Horror Story: Roanoke,” “Damages,” “The Knick,” as well as several movies.

Spacek is set to play Henry’s alienated adoptive mother, Ruth Deaver, a retired professor with gradually vanishing memories of the town’s decidedly unsettling past.

As for Levy, she will play the role of Jackie, a woman who is reportedly obsessed with death and has self-appointed herself as the historian of the town.

With Levy’s experience in horror, this can only get more interesting.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, while the combination of author King and Abrams as executive producer is exciting in itself, showrunners for the series are Dustin Thomason (“Manhattan”) and Sam Shaw.

The fictional town of Castle Rock

The stories will be based in King’s fictional town of Castle Rock, a location featured in several of his novels and short stories. As reported by Blasting News recently, Castle Rock first featured in “The Dead Zone” back in 1979, but cropped up again in “Cujo,” “Needful Things,” and “The Dark Half.” References to the town have also popped up in “Gerald’s Game,” “It,” “Sleepwalkers,” and “The Stand.” More recently, the fictional town has been mentioned in “Doctor Sleep” and “Revival,” published in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Each episode of the show will be woven from the vast and complicated mythology created by King throughout his fictional work, including familiar characters and tantalizing storylines, mixed in with brand new stories from the great mind of the author. Filming starts in Devens, Massachusetts, later this summer.