Social media was abuzz when a male Fan appeared to have mocked Nick Jonas’ height after he posted their photo together. The singer immediately responded, and confronted the fan.

Zak Hanzal recently came across with Jonas and asked for a photo of them together. The artist was generous enough to grant the photo opportunity. But when Hanzal posted the image on Instagram, he wrote in the caption, “@nickjonas, you need a few more inches bruhh.”

He was referring to the height of the male singer, who happens to stand between 5’7” and 5’9”, according to E!

Online. Jonas quickly fired back and told the fan to have some manners. He added that he did not need to stop for the photo opportunity.

“Just rude, very rude,” he wrote. Even the fans of the singers blatantly condemned the post, telling the singer that he should not even have stopped. User @kathydykes58 wrote, “He takes time to give that opportunity, and that is how you acted? Get some manners!”


Hanzal has already apologized to Nick Jonas and changed the caption. He reportedly sent a private message to the singer, airing his side.

He wrote, “Hey Nick, I am sorry if my caption offended you in any way. I literally posted that photo just 20 seconds after seeing you. I was not thinking at all.

I had no clue that you would read about it. It was a stupid caption that was not well thought of.”

He then thanked Jonas for stopping by, and for having the photo with him. His team publicized the direct message exchange between the two. The male singer then told the fans that everything was well.

“No need to spread hate,” he wrote.

The fan came in saying, “@nickjonas is cool with it, it was just a joke, the caption has been changed.” He later changed the caption, calling Jonas as one of the most humble superstars he has ever met.


Meanwhile, the male pop singer has just recently announced that his father, Kevin Jonas Sr.

is now officially free of cancer. Entertainment Online reported that he provided this updated on his father’s health condition after being interviewed in iHeartRadio’s Label Defiers with ZICO Coconut Water.

His dad has previously battled with colon cancer, after being diagnosed in March. Jonas shared that having his tumor has been removed was a special and important thing to him. He has been with his father throughout his battle with the disease, the entertainment website added. Jonas also revealed in the radio interview that he also wants to be a father someday in the future.