SM Entertainment has released the final teaser for EXO’s highly awaited comeback. The said idol group have been gearing up for their return to the music scene this month.

SM Entertainment kicked off the official promotional period of EXO’s comeback last week. The said agency released promotional teaser clips and images featuring one member of each group. The first set of teasers featured the group’s dancing machine, Kai.

The following sets of teaser clips and photos featured vocal Byun Baekhyun, rapper Park Chanyeol, youngest member Oh Sehun, leader Suho, oldest member Xiumin, vocals Chen, and finally with vocals Do Kyungsoo, otherwise known as D.O.

The solo teasers concluded yesterday, and new group teaser clips for 'Ko Ko Bop' were finally released today.

EXO group teasers for 'Ko Ko Bop' released

On the midnight of July 18, SM Entertainment dropped the final set of teasers for EXO’s new comeback. Two teaser clips have been published for the music video of their title song. Just like the solo teasers, the new music video boasted an interesting and tropical concept. The song reveals a catchy dance tune fused with a reggae vibe.

In addition to the teaser clips and photos, SM Entertainment also released three new logos that depicted the concept of the group’s comeback. “Ko Ko Bop” is the title track of the group’s new album and member Chanyeol explained that there was no hidden meaning behind the title.

He added that the title of the main song was simply a combined term derived from two words that meant fun and dance.

EXO trends worldwide, album details revealed

The War is their fourth album and it consists of nine new songs including their title track “Ko Ko Bop.” The main track is unique since members Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun took part in the making of the lyrics.

The new album will be sold in two versions—Korean and Chinese—with three different designs that fans can choose from, namely Regular A, Regular B, and Private. Each album version and design will include a CD, a photo booklet, a poster, and one random card.

EXO and its members have dominated worldwide trends on various popular social media platforms since the promotions for “The War” and “Ko Ko Bop” started.

Lots of fans are looking forward to their comeback, and the group is speculated to dominate music charts once again especially when it has been a year since EXO released a new album. SM Entertainment announced that “The War” album will be fully published on July 18 at 6 PM (KST).