After losing the alleged groping Case against Taylor Swift, former radio host David Mueller appeared on “Good Morning America” to air his side. He even said during the interview that he can take a lie detector test, E! Online reported.

The entertainment website echoed an episode of “Good Morning America” where Mueller faced one of the show’s hosts, Clayton Sandell to answer accusations against him. In the interview, he stood by his earlier statements that he never grabbed Swift, citing a polygraph test to confirm his honesty.

International pop singer Swift recently won her groping case against the DJ last Monday, after years of court process.

She will be awarded with $1 million worth of damages that Mueller’s camp should pay, reports stated. It started during a photo opportunity in 2013, when Swift accused the DJ of groping her.

DJ denies

First, the former DJ said in the interview that he was not invited to be in the photo opportunity, and just “moved into the shot” the best way he could. Second, he said he did not move his hand inside the singer’s skirt. He kept denying the accusations, despite the court decision in favor of the singer.

Earlier, Mueller explained in his testimony that touching the female singer was done by accident, and if he did touch her, it was on her ribs with his knuckles. In his testimony, he explained that he might have touched the rib part of Swift’s body with his closed fists, since he was a larger person, E!

Online reported.

The jury was reportedly unanimous in their decision that the former DJ indeed sexually assaulted the female artist when they met in 2013. However, the radio host’s claim that Swift damaged his reputation was dismissed by the court, the entertainment website added.

Taylor Swift breaks silence

Recently, the international singer also broke her silence after winning the trial.

She may not have appeared in any television interview like the DJ, but she reportedly liked a social media post on her personal Tumblr account.

The Daily Mail Online reported that she liked a Tumblr screenshot from her official account @taylorswift. The post was an interview excerpt that happened during the trial.

The report cited the post saying, “The trial, expected to last nine days, has drawn fans of Ms.

Swift. Ed Lee, a 50-year-old graphic artist from Seattle, took time from visiting relatives in Colorado to bring his 10-year-old daughter to a trial he said demonstrates lesson he tries to teach her.”