Former radio show host David Mueller denied claims about his involvement in an alleged groping incident with international pop star Taylor Swift, The Guardian reported.

The recent report said that Mueller denied that he intentionally groped inside Swift's skirt during an event in 2013. “Well, if it happened, it was an accident,” Mueller told The Guardian.

He was fired from his job after the radio company learned of the alleged groping incident during a photo opportunity at the concert that happened back in 2013. He alleged that Swift had damaged his reputation.

The Guardian reported that the radio host said, “No, I did not [grab her backside].”

DJ’s claims dismissed

The Guardian also reported that there are new updates on the ongoing trial between the radio host and the international pop singer. The court judge has dismissed Mueller's claims that Swift destroyed his reputation.

The report said that US District Judge William Martinez has dismissed the claims made by the radio DJ against the pop star. Judge Martinez believed that the international pop artist could not be held liable of damaging the reputation of the DJ.

However, the rest of the allegations that the former radio host made against Swift's mother and her liaison officer will still be decided upon for a verdict, The Guardian added.

Both are currently facing lawsuits about the alleged groping incident in 2013. As court trials are held, the statements of both parties are being heard. According to the report, the former DJ is seeking up to $3 million worth of compensation from Swift’s camp to pay for the damages upon his career. At the same time, the female singer-songwriter also filed a counter suit, The Guardian also reported.

Taylor Swift cries

The Guardian also noted that Swift cried when the jury read the decision. The jury stated that Mueller's camp should present sufficient evidence to prove that the singer really damaged his reputation. After the decision, Swift's camp smiled and embraced each other, according to the report. Meanwhile, the DJ and his team did not utter a word.

The international female singer has earlier appeared in court to defend herself. Her fans were inspired and moved by her statements. Some of them even said that she is a strong representation of all women, The Guardian also noted.

Her followers praised the pop superstar because of her “sharp and satisfying” statements during the court trial, even associating it to her song lyrics, the report continued.