It has been two years since Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone called it quits, but rumors have it that the Hollywood’s favorite pair is about to rekindle their romance. Allegedly, the former couple still has feelings for one another and just waiting for the right time to be back in each other’s arms again.

A number of sources from different publications revealed that “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor and the “La La Land” star are still deeply in love. As they remain close and still good friends, will fans see them reunited?

The lingering love and respect

“They never stopped caring about each other,” a source who knows Emma Stone told People.

In fact, the insider added that the 28-year-old actress and Andrew Garfield still have “great love and respect” for one another in spite of their split.

The rumors started when the “Easy A” star visited the 34-year-old actor in London while on a break from “The Favorite” production last May. She was even spotted watching her former boyfriend’s performance and even left the event with him. They made their way out through the backstage and they were even seen holding hands.

Emma Stone was said to have spent a lot of time in the UK while filming her new movie. But, she further traveled to the capital of England when she got reconnected with Andrew Garfield.

“At the moment they are just seeing what happens,” the source said.

The perfect timing

However, although the source continued to say that the feeling Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have is “still romantic,” some say that they are just supportive of each other and have remained good friends.

“The two of them have had an interesting friendship and relationship throughout the years,” another insider told Hollywood Life.

The insider even added that they can’t just simply leave each other, thus their communication continues. The source further disclosed that the two have trusted each other that much, which is quite hard to find in some couples nowadays. It seems like the ease they have for one another make them want to try to work things out again, so they are often seen spending time together.

Although they are not yet officially rekindling their romance, it looks like it is not far to happen. “It is basically just a matter of time,” the source revealed.

Another insider told People that the two are now more focused on their blooming careers. Evidently, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are now considered as big shots in Hollywood. With that, the source believed that they will be only starting to date again if the time is right.