Jacob Staudenmaier is a brave teenager from Arizona who loves watching and creating movies. After seeing "La La Land" he fell in love with Emma Stone and her performance, so he decided to gather up the courage and invite her to his prom.

The teenager did a fantastic job as the video went viral, and everyone enjoyed the fact that Emma actually replied to him. However, she will not be able to grant his wish, but the fact that she saw the video and loved the idea is probably good enough for Jacob.

Jacob was inspired by a friend

In his interview on “Good Morning America,” Jacob Staudenmaier explained how his viral video was created.

He explained that his favorite school subject is film and that he worked on several other projects before but they weren’t nearly as successful as this one. A couple of years ago, his friend made a video and proposed to Miley Cyrus so Jacob felt that it would be interesting if he followed it up.

Things have somehow come together when he saw the movie “La La Land” and found out that Emma Stone is from Arizona. Since everyone was blown away by the opening scene, Jacob decided to put together a replica. He invited his friends, who were very happy to help him, and they created an astonishing video together. According to Jacob, even his mom wanted to be part of the crew so she put herself in charge of the snacks.

The fact that Jacob resembles Ryan Gossling, who played in "La La Land" with Emma Stone, makes things even better!

Emma Stone loved the video

During his interview on “Good Morning America,” Jacob finally revealed that he actually got an answer from Emma Stone. She said that it was the greatest proposal she has ever received and that she was honored that the teenager did it for her.

She smiled throughout the entire video which was beautifully orchestrated. However, she will not be able to make his wish come true since she is currently working in London. Still, she thanks him and hopes he will have the best time at prom. At the end of the letter, Emma confirms Jacob’s Gossling-doppelganger status.

In any case, this video is fun to watch and proves just how smart and talented kids are these days.

Jacob will not meet Emma, but this story will surely improve his social status and make a great reference if he ever decides to become an actor or a movie producer. We hope that this rather gifted boy will continue to keep us entertained with his new projects and hopefully, he will meet Emma Stone in person one day!