Avid followers of Eminem are now thrilled for his new set of tracks. However, the “Stan” rapper is allegedly retiring from making new music after the release of his next album.

Is the American rapper planning to quit showbiz soon?

The Christian Post reported that Eminem could stop making new music after the launching of his next album. According to the news outlet, speculations claiming that the “Rap God” hitmaker would depart from the music industry sparked after a YouTube video of him started to make rounds in November 2016.

Titled as “Partners in Rhyme: The True Story of Infinite,” the said clip features how the younger Eminem turned himself from nothing into something big.

The documentary also tackles how the then-20-year-old kid was able to record his debut album called “Infinite” at the Bass Brother’s studio.

“As soon as I stopped giving a f–k about what I was saying, people started giving a f–k. It was like a reverse effect,” Eminem has said about one of his life-changing moments. The rapper added that he learned not to care what other people would say and decided to focus on bettering his craft.

Additionally, the 10-minute video also discusses how Eminem was able to work his way to stardom. While some fans were pleased to learn the “Stan” rapper's life story, few of them have also speculated that the video could be a hint that the rapper is retiring soon.

While these reports could be true, it should be noted that Eminem has yet to comment on these claims.

Hence, fans of the "Love the Way You Life" rapper should take these speculations lightly.

‘Lose Yourself’ rapper’s new album is already finished

Meanwhile, Spin reported that Eminem is confirmed working under Shady Records for his imminent ninth album. Speaking to Uproxx, Allen Hughes hinted that Dr. Dre is collaborating with Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

The Defiant Ones” director even claimed that Dr. Dre has been recording songs every day. Aside from Dr. Dre, 2 Chainz has also claimed that he collaborated with the “Mockingbird” hitmaker for the latter’s next album.

Other artists who are expected to join Eminem on his forthcoming album include Mastein Bennet, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dog, Vince Staple, The Weeknd and Adele.

Rumors also have it that the new tracks of the Detroit-based rapper are going to be released on his 45th birthday in October 2017.

However, up to this writing, Eminem has not yet released any details about his new album. Stay tuned for more news and updates about the Eminem 2017 album.