Elon Musk is a name that is well-known, across the world. The 46 year old South African is an inventor, entrepreneur and engineer of note. Musk is the man behind TESLA and SpaceX. He is a man who is known for his dreams of changing the world. He is also the man who dated Amber Heard, Johnny Depp's ex-wife. That's right, dated. As in past tense. The two took to social media this Tuesday to confirm their split and explain their reasoning.

Confirming their break-up

The two busy lovebirds have been awfully quiet about their relationship. However, according to CNN, the two don't seem to mind talking about it on Instagram.

In April Amber used Instagram to confirm their relationship. Amber Heard, the "Aquaman" actress, posted two photos on Instagram this Tuesday. The first was a split photo showing her with a fork in her hair. Below the photo of herself is a photo from the "Ariel" movie that she is mimicking in her photo. According to Channel 24, Musk commented on the photo soon after it was posted, saying that the photo is very cute. Musk then used a later comment to confirm that he and Heard had broken up ... for now.

According to CNN, Heard posted another photo on Instagram a little later on Tuesday, echoing Musk's words. She posted a photo of rose petals arranged in the shape of the words "give" and "take".

Heard used the photo's caption to explain that she and Musk were indeed taking a break from their relationship.

The reason for their split

The lovebirds may have broken up but they still seem to be very much in love. According to Channel 24, Musk admitted on Instagram that he still loves Heard. He added that they have decided to still be friends and that they simply need some time to figure out what is going on with their busy careers.

He spoke about the difficulties that come with having a long distance relationship and a busy work life.

Heard later echoed Musk's sentiments. She told her Instagram fans that she'd like to keep this matter as private as possible. She is used to being in the public eye, especially after being married to Johnny Depp, but she needs time to figure everything out.

Heard also confirmed that she still loves Musk and that this break may not be permanent.

There is still hope for this American power couple. We can only hope that there will soon be another Instagram post announcing their getting back together. After all, if Musk can design rockets and multi-million dollar companies, he is certainly more than capable of navigating through a difficult relationship.