Eddie Murphy has been caught up in the divorce proceedings between his former partner Mel B and her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte. Murphy and Mel B have a daughter together whom Belafonte helped raise since she was an infant. It remains unclear whether or not Eddie Murphy will be appearing in the courts and it appears that Mel B does not want to involve another parent in the situations.

Belafonte has won the request for visitation and Mel B is not happy

According to the Mail Online, Eddie Murphy is being dragged into the divorce battle between his former partner Mel B and Stephen Belafonte.

Eddie Murphy and Mel B have a ten-year-old daughter named Angel together and while Murphy initially denied that Angel was his child a DNA test then proved the actor wrong.

Michael Hanasab is Stephen Belafonte's lawyer, and has stated that Belafonte has been in Angel's life since she was an infant and has played a major role in raising Angel. According to AU News, Mel B has been trying to block Stephen's request for visitation rights but the judge has considered Hanasab’s arguments.

Mel B has claimed that Stephen Belafonte was physically abusive towards her when they were together and has stated that there are witnesses. She has had Stephen's ex-lover and his own brother to testify to this in an attempt to dissuade the judge from ruling in Stephen's favor.

However, the judge claims that Stephen has Angel's best interests at heart and does not appear to be a danger to the child.

Stephen Belafonte has been allowed to apply for visitation with Angel as a stepparent by a judge in Los Angeles. The court has stated if Stephen Belafonte is allowed to apply for visitation of Eddie Murphy's biological daughter then Murphy will have to be notified.

Mel B's lawyer has stated that in doing so than Angel will be put in the middle of a media storm and that this should be avoided where possible.

Eddie Murphy is invited to join the court

According to AU News, the judge has ruled that Eddie Murphy will be officially invited to join the discussions surrounding Belafonte's visitation rights to Angle once he has applied.

However, since Murphy denied that Angel was his own daughter fans are wondering if he plans to being involve in the court case.

It is clear that Mel B does not want to involve her former partner in the court proceedings and it is possible that she fears Eddie Murphy will make the situation worse for their daughter. There has been no comment from Eddie Murphy about his potential involvement in the case.

Mel B has not come forward with a comment about the judge ruling in her estranged husband's favor and fans are wondering what the stars next move will be.