Dylan Sprouse has finally come forward to address the rumors, which claim that he cheated on his girlfriend of three years. Dayna Frazer and Dylan Sprouse have been together for a long time and it appears that things between the pair have finally ended. Sprouse did not delve into the details of how their relationship ended, but asked Fans to consider that there are two sides to every situation.

The star took to social media to address the rumors that were going around

According to Seventeen Magazine, actor Dylan Sprouse has been accused by his girlfriend Dayna Frazer of cheating on her despite the fact that they had been together for three years.

Dayna made the accusations on her Instagram account when she posted an image of herself crying with the claim that Sprouse had cheated.

Fans have been desperate to hear from the former "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" actor and Sprouse finally came forward to make a comment about the situation. The star released a statement on his Twitter account in which he stated that fans are assuming what Dayna has said is the truth and that by doing so they are closing themselves off to the other side of the story.

Sprouse explained that his issue is a very complicated one and there may have been things happening between the pair for a long time before Dayna posted to Instagram. Dylan Sprouse followed his first comment with a second in which he claimed that there were two sides to this story and fans had only heard Dayna's side.

In a report by Entertainment Tonight, Sprouse stated that both sides were motivated in this situation and fans are wondering what this could mean. He went on to state that with this issue these motivations will remain private, as should their relationship issues. It appears that Sprouse is not willing to give any more information about what happened between the pair.

Sprouse trusts in the people who know him in his personal life

Dylan Sprouse later shared a third message in which he claimed that the situation is complicated and will remain so for fans as he will not publicly drag his ex-girlfriend through the mud online. He also claimed that he trusts in the people who know him personally to know what kind of person he is.

It appears that Dylan Sprouse is claiming that he did not cheat on Dayna and one has to wonder if it was Dylan's idea to break things off and start a rumor to get back at him. Whatever the case, fans are happy that Sprouse has addressed the rumors and has chosen not to publicly attack Dayna Frazer.

Dayna has not commented further and has deleted the original post.