Disney will no longer post its movies on Netflix in the future due to the company starting its own streaming platform and that's a significant loss for the streaming giant. However, good news came for Netflix after its recent acquisition of Millarworld, an acquisition that could give the company their own exclusive owned comic book properties.

The acquisition came at the right time as if Netflix knew what Disney was planning. From this point of view, this move has a lot to do with what Netflix will do in the future if Disney chooses to remove its shows as well.

Netflix no longer the home to Marvel shows in the future?

If you're looking to tune into the best of what Marvel has to offer in terms of the small screen experience, then Netflix is the primary option. Shows such as "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," "Luke Cage," and "Iron Fist" are some of the most popular on Netflix today, and they are all properties of Marvel.

The next show in the pipeline is "The Defenders," which features all the primary characters from the other Marvel shows. No doubt Netflix will earn a lot of profit from this show alone, but what of the future?

Bear in mind, Disney owns Marvel, and if the house of Mickey Mouse has decided to remove all Disney-branded movies, then how long before Marvel is asked to take its content away?

Millarworld to the rescue

With Disney taking its toys and going home, Netflix needs to stay competitive, especially with the rise of streaming platforms coming from Facebook and other big tech giants. This is where the Millarworld acquisition enters into play. The comic book publisher has several popular comics under its belt, many of which have made it to the silver screen.

For those who have been unaware of what’s going on in the entertainment market, movies based on Millarworld comics include “Wanted,” “Kickass,” and “Kingsmen.” These properties could be put to good use on Netflix, along with other comic book contents under the brand.

Netflix knows that comic book movies and TV shows are quite popular today and is currently the driving force behind the film industry.

The company cannot allow itself to be caught off guard by Marvel and Disney at a time when its subscriber base is growing year over year.

When will Netflix release Millarworld content?

Nothing will happen in the short term since the deal was made recently. Chances are that the streaming giant will prepare a draft in early 2018, and from there, fans should expect the first properties to hit by the end of the year or early 2019.