Demi Lovato has released her second collection of work out gear called Fabletics and took to social media to advertise the new looks. The star modeled a couple of the pieces from her new collection and stated that there was more to come. Demi talked candidly about the process of creating these pieces in an interview and teased that a third collection is on the way.

Lovato releases her second collection

According to the Daily Mail, Demi Lovato has revealed her second Fabletics collection online through her social media. The star shared photographs of her dressed in some items from her new collection while standing in a boxing ring.

The celebrity's first outfit was an all-black piece with all black leggings with a crossed band detail at the top. She also donned an all-black halter style Sports Bra and boxing gloves which read "girl up" on the knuckles.

The second item has more color as it was a deep blue color. Both the sports bra and the leggings matched in color, however, the leggings did have a pointed strip of black running along the side of each leg. Demi also has created this piece in a vibrant pink color, which allows customers to play around with color as they choose their ensemble for working out.

The star opens up about her work with Fabletics

In an interview with WWD, Demi Lovato opened up about her work with Fabletics and how the idea first came out.

Lovato shared that when she went to the Met Gala she felt like the style of clothing was too fancy compared to what she would normally wear. Her manager suggested creating some clothes more like Demi's style and when she bumped into Kate Hudson in a gym everything fell into place.

Speaking on designing her own pieces for the collection, Demi expressed that she was not nervous about going through the design process.

She stated that she loves fashion but due to her busy schedule, she does not get to explore it as much as she would like.

Demi explained that most of the time she wears sports clothing and that she really enjoyed the process of creating her own pieces. She wanted to make the collection edgier and younger to appeal to a wider audience as she thought many of the current styles are more based on color and yoga style work out gear.

Demi expressed that it was important for her that her collection be suitable for people of all different shapes and sizes. The celebrity has been known in the past for being an advocate for body positivity and she wanted to create a collection that people would feel confident wearing.

Demi Lovato has confirmed that she will release a third collection of Fabletics further down the line and has teased that there are some rose gold pieces.