"Days of Our Lives" spoilers to kick off the week reveal that Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) will be in a complete panic when he wakes up to find a dead body lying next to him. As many "DOOL" fans will remember from last week, Lucas came to Adrienne (actually Bonnie posing as Adrienne) and told her he couldn't live without her. The two ended up in bed together, but Lucas may not remember everything because he was very drunk. Later, Angelica and Hattie (posing as Marlena) came to Bonnie's hotel room to find Lucas. Bonnie and Angelica got into a fight over sticking to the plan, and Angelica dropped dead, seemingly from a heart attack.

Lucas wakes up to a shocking surprise

Of course, Lucas will wake up next to the dead body, and he'll completely freak out. He won't remember what happened and he will think that he hooked up with Angelica and that the physical activity may be what killed her. "Days of our Lives" fans will see Lucas call his ex-wife, Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) for help. After a bit of hesitation, Chloe will agree to come to Lucas' aid, and she'll arrive at the Salem Inn to find a frightful situation. Chloe will be shocked by what seemingly went down in the hotel room, but doesn't believe that Lucas is at all responsible for Angelica's death. In fact, "DOOL" spoilers reveal that Chloe will be more concerned with the fact that Lucas is off the wagon and drinking again than she is with Angelica's death.

Hattie and Bonnie freak out

Meanwhile, Hattie and Bonnie will also be freaking out over Angelica's death. The two "Days of our Lives" doppelgangers are the ones who know what happened, and they'll likely be keeping it very quiet. Not only are they afraid of being discovered by Adrienne and Marlena's families, but they also don't want to end up back in prison, where they met in the first place.

Everybody wants to free Abe

All the while in Salem, Eli will try to stop Lani and JJ from blowing up the plan he has to free Abe Carver from jail hopefully. As "Days Of Our Lives" fans watched in previous episodes, Abe was arrested for allegedly working with Dario Hernandez in the counterfeit money scheme. However, Abe maintains his innocence, and those closest to him also believe he would never commit the crime.

It seems Eli agrees and will try to free his mother's boyfriend before his reputation is tarnished any further. Hope and Rafe will be in on the action as they team up with Abe to try to figure the situation out as well. The trio will also be working on a plan to free Abe and find the real criminal who worked with Abe. "Days of our Lives" airs weekday afternoons on NBC.