"Days of our Lives" is entering its fall season, and it brings new and fresh storylines. These storylines will set up for sweeps, which will begin towards the end of October, and run through the end of November. During this time, the drama is usually higher, and the storylines are better on the NBC soap. As we inch nearer to sweeps, fans will begin to see some new plots.

September 'DOOL' spoilers reveal big storylines

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, September will start off with a bang when Claire invites Tripp to move in with her and Theo.

Of course, this will cause a bit of jealousy with Theo, who could be picking up on some vibes between his ex-girlfriend and Salem's latest arrival. Meanwhile, Tripp will be doing his best to make things right with Kayla, including making a huge monetary donation to the hospital. Theo will also get to have a heartwarming reunion with his father, Abe Carver, when Abe is proven innocent and released from jail.

Gabi's in trouble

Gabi will find herself in a very dangerous situation and Eli, Hope, and Rafe will be racing against the clock to save her. All the while, "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will watch as Hattie's scheme begins to unravel. john and marlena will devise a major plan to escape, and when Hattie forces Andre into Bayview with them things will get really interesting.

Andre will help John and Marlena escape, and Hattie's plans will soon be foiled. She'll be caught and her plans will come crashing down. All the while, Adrienne will be stuck behind bars, where she'll find an unlikely friend as Bonnie poses as her in Salem, and Hope, Brady, and Paul all believe "Marlena" is acting off.

Wedding fever

Paul will ask Hope and Rafe to help him find out what's happening with Marlena and John, as Hattie won't be able to keep up appearances around those who know Marlena best, such has Brady and Paul. This will all be happening while Paul is busy planning his wedding with Sonny. Sonny and Paul are having a double wedding with Chad and Abigail, and news will begin to travel around Salem.

"Chabby" will share the news with Jennifer and JJ, but the wedding won't go as smoothly as planned when a shocking former character makes his "Days of our Lives" return and crashes the wedding.

Love triangle finally over?

While all of this is happening, Nicole and Eric will share some close moments, and it seems that they are headed for a reunion. However, since "Days of our Lives" viewers already know that actress Arianne Zucker is leaving "DOOL" very soon, it seems that the Nicole/Brady/Eric love triangle will soon be over.