David Oyelowo has recently confirmed that he has been cast as the character of Aaron in the movie adaptation of the book "Chaos Walking." There were rumors that Oyewolo was going to be a part of the movie but they were not confirmed until recently. The actor will be taking on the role of one of the villains in "Chaos Walking" and fans are excited to see what he will bring to the role.

The movie is adapted from the book by Patrick Ness

According to Deadline, David Oyelowo is set to join the cast of the upcoming movie "Chaos Walking." The movie is an adaptation of the book of the same name by author Patrick Ness.

The movie will take place in a fictional planet colony where almost all of the women have been killed due to a mysterious virus.

As well as this epidemic, all of the living creatures have been struck by a secondary virus, which they refer to as "The Noise." The causes the remaining people on the planet to be plagued by immersive visions of thoughts meaning that they can see what other people are thinking. This is sure to cause some conflict between the characters.

The story follows a character played by Tom Holland who believes that he can find the cure to the viruses and save humankind. Holland's character discovers one of the last living girls on the planet and believes that she holds the answers to understanding the virus.

Oyelowo is taking on the role of a military figure

According to the Hollywood Reporter, David Oyelowo is taking on the role of a character, Aaron, who is a controversial military figure in the new world order. Alongside Mayor Prentiss, Aaron will cause problems for the movie's protagonists and will try and stop Hollands character on his mission to save the world.

Oyelowo is a brilliant choice for the military character of Aaron. He is a talented actor who was nominated for his portrayal of Luther King in the movie "Selma." Alongside his role in "Chaos Walking", Oyewolo has also been cast in Nash Edgerton's "Gringo" and the newest upcoming "Cloverfield" movie.

Oyelowo joins a brilliant cast of actors including the likes of Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, and Nick Jonas.

Charlie Kaufman, Lindsey Beer, Gary Spinelli and John Lee Hancock who all worked closely with author Patrick Ness to ensure that the movie adaptation was to his liking adapted the screenplay for the movie.

The release date for "Chaos Walking" has been confirmed as March 1, 2019. The wait will be long for fans but Paramount have assured them that it will be worth it.