Four down, four to go.

If you haven’t been keeping track, that’s exactly how many of Five’s (Jodelle Ferland) “All the Time in the World” teasers “Dark Matter” has turned into mind-blowing reveals. Now, with the finale at hand, showrunner Joseph Mallozzi isn’t about to take his foot off the accelerator.

'Dark Matter' cast talks finale

According to a sagacious Five, everyone from Two (Melissa O’Neil) to the Android (Zoie Palmer) will be rattled by coming events, including “Dwarf Star’s conspiracy, the double deception, Kryden, Carina, the Accelerated, the fall of the House of Ishida, a meeting with [the Android’s] creator, [and] the black ships.”

“Dark Matter” always provides answers (eventually), and fans are itching to know if tonight’s finale will reveal all.

It’s rare for a series dishes out its own spoilers, even rarer for the cast to be as in the dark as their fans. For the Raza crew, that’s just the nature of the game, and it’s one they enjoy playing. Luckily for all involved, patience wins out.

“At the time when I was doing that scene I did not know what I was talking about,” Ferland teased with a laugh, likening the experience to reading off a particularly peculiar shopping list while speaking at San Diego Comic-Con. “I didn’t know where that was going to come in later. Now I know a little bit more, but I will say that I still couldn’t tell you what everything means in that scene. But you will get some answers and, of course, there will be more questions to come along with those answers.”

Dark Matter has already tackled four of the teasers, including the game-changing introduction of the Dwarf Star conspiracy.

Aliens are running amok in the galaxy, ingratiating themselves with the powers that be. A corporate war is quickly morphing into a fight for the very soul of humanity. And yet, the crew still has a few very personal issues to sort out before they can save the universe. Lost sisters, surprise children, and bloody coups have our heroes a little preoccupied.

Unfortunately, not all puzzles are built to be solved immediately. Even after filming the season 3 finale, the cast still has question marks floating around several of Five’s enigmatic promises.

“We don’t know all of them, do we?” Anthony Lemke (Three) mused. “There are still some that are mysteries.”

Next time on 'Dark Matter'

For those answers, we look with hopeful eyes towards a season 4 renewal.

After all, the back third of the season is designed to leave viewers (and actors) chomping at the bit.

“[Episodes] ten through 13 is a big paradigm shift and you going to end up seeing, I think, a way cooler version of ‘Dark Matter’ in season 4,” Lemke said. “I love where they’re going with it. It really plugs straight into a lot of themes the characters have been struggling with for the first couple of years.”

Wondering which mysteries will be solved before the hiatus? Catch “Dark Matter” Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.