Love is in the air on “Dark Matter,” or, more accurately, love is in the past. We’ve had a front row seat to all the comings and goings of the Raza crew for two seasons, which means we know just as much about their muddled histories as they do. For Two (Melissa O’Neil), however, her feelings have suddenly outstripped that slow trickle of memories, leaving us to wonder about her bisexual past. Don’t worry; you won’t have to speculate for long. As always, showrunner Joseph Mallozzi is a man with a plan.

Two + Nyx = Twyx

When a con walks out of prison, he usually does so a cache of illicit tricks up his sleeve and list of contacts in his back pocket.

If you’re Nyx (Melanie Liburd), you manage to make an escape with the galaxy’s most wanted, quietly slipping into a cadre of amnesiac misfits.

From day one, the chemistry between the seer and the Raza’s captain was palpable. While Nyx had an eye on Four (Alex Mallari, Jr.), Two (and the audience) had a different romance in mind. It wasn’t until after a poisoned blade slipped through Nyx’s psychic defenses that viewers were given a glimpse at what could have been.

“As is often the case on the show there's stuff that seems kind of unusual and maybe it's a set-up for something down the line or maybe it’s just a suggestion of maybe there was something more that never got to be realized or maybe it was just a, a fantasy goodbye kiss, between very good friends,” Mallozzi said of Two’s hallucination, according to Spoiler TV.

“Uh, so, I will just say, uh, you know maybe uh, wait and see on that.”

If you antsy for answers, set your sights on episode 10. Titled “Built, Not Born,” the hour will take a look at someone’s origins. The title could refer to either the Android (Zoie Palmer) or Two, but, considering episode is called “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy,” at least one of the two will undoubtedly touch on Portia’s past.

In the meantime, “Dark Matter” is ready to take on “Groundhog Day.

Next time on ‘Dark Matter’

In terms of character development, Anthony Lemke’s Three has come the farthest of the Raza crew. Organically switching from a self-serving gun for hire to the very man who critiques such rogues, Three has turned his worst habits into the very traits that fuel his newfound loyalties.

Quick with a quip, Three will put his comedic timing front and center for tonight’s “All the Time in the World.”

Trapped in some form of a temporal loop, Three will have to convince his crewmates that he really is reliving the same day over and over again, all while processing the bombshell that is Sarah’s (Natalie Brown) continued existence. Click the video below for a preview.

“Dark Matter” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.