Daniel Craig recently broke his silence on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert stating that he will be the next Bond in the coming Bond film. However, Craig added that it is most likely to be his last Bond film, which would be heart breaking for most of fans.The 49-year old bond star has already played the chic and perfectly suited spy in the past four bond movies namely, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre.

There have been a lot of speculations lately over the new James Bond movie and moreover regarding the star that is going to be the bond in the upcoming one.

Undoubtedly, Craig is the luckiest bond, for the Bond franchise as the franchise has made over $880 million dollars worldwide starring him including the four bond films that Daniel was starred in.

Speculations regarding the release

Although the British star had given mixed and confusing signal previously about his return to the Bond films in his interviews, Stephen Colbert somehow managed to spill the beans through his direct conversing skills.

Although there have been no director announcements yet; the untitled 007 James Bond film is coming is most tentatively releasing on the November 6, 2019, with a following early UK release and also at selected international markets. The new Bond movie will be written by Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, who are also the writers of Daniel’s past four Bond films as well.

Why not watch Logan Lucky until then?

There might be time for the Bond film to come; there is already a Daniel Craig film that the fans can go and watch right away, “Logan Lucky.” Releasing on August 18, the movie claims to be amazing as it is directed by the Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh.

Daniel portrays the role of an "IN-CAR-CER-ATED" bank-robber named Joe Band.

Craig looks unrecognizable and the role will certainly make you forget Craig as just a charming and well-dressed “James Bond” as Logan Lucky offers you more of Daniel Craig in various ways. The movie also stars Channing Tatum, Hilary Swank and Adam Driver in the movie.

The reviews related to the film’s characters are speaking larger than its screenplay or cinematography.

Soderbergh’s heist comedy "Logan Lucky" is said to be one his most outstanding works ever. The way he has portrayed each character in the movie is perhaps the best part of the film. "Logan Lucky" can be a must watch for all Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum fan and lovers who are wondering what to do this Friday night.