The former Disney Star, Selena Gomez, grew over the years as she portrayed characters from Disney to a young mom in James Franco’s In Dubious Battle. Amidst her development as an actress, a surprising look-alike astounded her fans.

A new role for the former Disney actress

Gomez, who was currently playing as Lisa in the drama “In Dubious Battle,” wore a painful expression as she enacted as a woman giving birth to a child. As Lisa dramatically pushed her newborn child out of her womb, her important persons were surrounding her.

On the scene, Lisa has been breathing heavily as people helped her with the birth process.

This one scene was then deemed as an evolution from Selena Gomez’s sweet portrayed Disney character to a far from her innocent and sweet image.

Josh Hutcherson, Gomez’s co-star, revealed that he was not with the singer on the scene nonetheless, he was on set. He said that she really went all out for he heard the actress screaming from a half-mile away, reported Daily Mail. Gomez and Hutcherson’s participating drama is now available digitally and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 28. In Dubious Battle is a movie based on John Steinbeck’s 1936 novel. The film was publicized in the US last September 2016.

The novel-based movie is about an activist who gets caught into a farm workers’ labor movement during the Thirties.

A new look-alike spotted

Meanwhile, a newly spotted Selena Gomez look-a-like gained attention from fans. Sofia Solares from Mexico posted her images on Instagram where Gomez has a lot of followers. Inevitably, the fans of the reigning queen of Instagram begun to talk about the 22-year-old Latina who looked like the former Disney star.

Several comments on Solares’ Instagram page were about Selena Gomez and Solares similar features. Some even referred the Latina as “Selena 2.0,” claimed

One user expressed his curiosity on how many times a day might the look-alike be receiving comments or suggestions about her redeeming features were similar to the Instagram queen celebrity.

Another follower exaggeratedly implied in bold letters that the Solares looked exactly like Selena. Not to mention, there were a number of pages that were dedicated to the latest Gomez’s doppelganger. This is not the first time fans had spotted a Selena Gomez look-alike. Like many other celebrities, the former Disney character actress has a number of twins. There is the fashion blogger Asia Baker, Zayn Malik’s sister, Doniya Elisha Malik and the most recent one, Sofia Solares. Nevertheless, Selena or any other celebrities are their own person who has one their own personality and talents.