Chrissy Teigen, the American model, has always been open about her personal issues. She wasn't ashamed to talk about her struggle with postpartum depression, and she hasn't been ashamed to share about her drinking problems of late. Last Sunday she refused to drink at a brunch that she attended. When asked about it, Teigen came clean, admitting that she was struggling with a bit of a Drinking Problem.

Drinking is a lifestyle

According to CNN, Teigen, like many other celebrities, is a spokesperson for several alcohol brands, such as Captain Morgan.

As such, she finds herself being constantly exposed to alcoholic drinks. Teigen told the press that there is a massive amount of alcohol readily available at all the functions she attends.

According to USA Today, Teigen's family has a history of alcohol abuse. Teigen has been completely open about her problem. The model said that it started out that she would just have a glass of wine as her makeup was done. Soon though, that single glass turned into another glass before she went to a function and a whole lot of glasses at the function. Teigen has admitted that she can never just drink one glass. And while no one has told her that she may have a problem, the model says she can't ignore the facts.

She says that drinking so much is unhealthy for her and it's time that she takes note of that fact. Furthermore, she hates the embarrassing drunk videos of herself that can be found all over social media. Chrissy Teigen has told the media that there is nothing worse than seeing herself in videos like these.

Teigen's 'dry' future

It was during a recent trip to Bali with her husband, John Legend, and her young daughter that Teigen realized the importance of getting rid of this drinking problem. Teigen told the press that she had felt far better during the holiday while she was exercising properly and staying sober than when she was getting stupidly drunk.

She soon realized that she was making herself and her husband look dumb by drinking so much all the time.

According to CNN, there was a time when Teigen couldn't imagine going completely sober. She always thought that she would be able to control herself. She has since realized that going without alcohol for a while may actually be the best option. It is also important that she stay away from the drink as she is actually still on medication for her Postpartum Depression.

The model has stepped out and bravely told the world of her problem. She was quoted as saying, "I'm going to fix myself." We are all holding thumbs for this talented Mom and wish her all the best as she heads into a future without alcohol. Good on her!