“Wonder Woman” star Chris Pine and director Patty Jenkins team up for a brand new series, “One Day She’ll Darken.” Based on the life of Fauna Hodel, the series is being developed by TNT. TV Over Mind revealed that Patty’s husband, Sam Sheridan, would write the story and dialogues of this new series. Different reports reveal that the show may premiere this December, but nothing is confirmed.

Patty Jenkins on developing new television shows

In case you don’t know, let me tell you that “One Day She’ll Darken” is not the first series Patty has developed for television.

She previously directed and co-wrote the pilot episodes of “Arrested Development,” “The Killing” and “Entourage.” Jenkins was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2011 for “The Killing.” The news came a few days after Warner Bros. announced that “Wonder Woman 2” would be released in December 2019; though Patty’s return as the director has been rumored, it is not yet confirmed. It’s about Fauna’s struggles while living with her African maid named Jimmie Lee.

Chris Pine with his television debut

Vanity Fair reports that Chris Pine will play a journalist in the series; the name of his character is Jay Singletary. Jay is a hardworking and talented journalist who decides to chase the Hodel story as he wants to give an edge to his career.

Hodel’s rich father handed her over to a casino assistant in 1950. In her quest to find her parents, she ran up against conspiracies revolving around George Hodel, who was reportedly involved in Elizabeth Short's murder in 1947. Fauna’s early life was subject to controversies. Released in 1981, “True Confessions” is also based on the life of Fauna Hodel.

Directed by Joan Didion and written by Gregory Dunne, that film featured Robert De Niro and Robert Duvall in the leading characters.

You may feel that TNT is an inappropriate place for such a series, but this could be the right project TNT requires to transform itself into a player in the increasingly cluttered television landscape.

The network is currently airing several original series such as “Will and “Claws.” “One Day She’ll Darken,” with Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine, may help put the channel on the map. There is no information about its release date; however, filming is set to begin this fall. We look forward to the new television series and have high expectations. An insider told Vanity Fair that the new series might premiere on the network in December 2019.