george clooney is directing the movie "Suburbicon" and recently revealed that he had to let one of the actors go. As the director of the movie, Clooney realized that the scenes with said actor were out of place and he realized he was going to have to make the difficult decision to remove him from "Surburnicon." This is the third movie that Clooney has directed and it appears that he is taking his role as director very seriously.

Clooney has admitted that the decision was a difficult one to make

According to AU News, George Clooney had hired Josh Brolin as one of the cast members for his new directorial debut "Surburbicon." In a recent interview, Clooney opened up about the difficult decision to tell Brolin that he had to let him go and that he was no longer going to feature in the film.

Clooney stated that they brought in actor Josh Brolin to shoot a couple of scenes for the movie and was initially delighted with the content. However, George stated that after watching back the first screening of the movie and the scenes, which were to release the tension of the film, that he realized he would have to cut Brolin from the movie.

Clooney explained that for the integrity of the movie "Suburbicon" he had no other choice but to cut Brolin. In a report by Go, George Clooney has admitted that he felt terrible as he let Brolin know what his decision was. Brolin thought that he had done something wrong in terms of acting for the role but Clooney assured him this was not the case.

Clooney then sent Brolin the scenes in which he acted in commenting that the scenes were the funniest of the entire movie.

However, as "Suburbicon" is an exploration of the dark network of crime and violence in suburbia one can understand why Clooney made the decision to cut Brolin from the movie.

This was not the first time that Clooney cut someone from his movie

According to Go, George Clooney has stated that cutting Brolin from the movie was not the first time that he had to let an actor know they were no longer going to be part of the project.

Back in 1998, Clooney was starring in a movie called "Thin Red Line" and recalled a similar situation happened to him when he and the movie's editor sat down to watch the scenes.

A series of scenes had been shot with Clooney for the movie and the star received a phone call from Terrance Malick who explained that they were cutting Clooney from the entire movie apart from one scene towards the end. Clooney requested that he be cut from the movie entirely but Malick was adamant about keeping the final scene.

Josh Brolin has not yet commented on Clooney's decision to cut him from the movie.