"Teen Mom 2" star, Javi Marroquin recently blasted his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, for saying that the show is badly edited or that it doesn't always portray the moms well. Both Lowry and fellow star of the show, Chelsea Houska, have expressed anger that the moms don't get control over their stories.

According to Houska, she feels it isn't fair that the mothers don't get the approve the final edit before it goes through, as she has expressed frustration at conversations taken out of context and even scenes spliced together to make things appear as though they are happening when they really aren't.

Both Houska and Lowry have been reluctant to film the show recently, specifically due to the fact that they want to be a little bit more private.

Javi says Kailyn's claim is "not true"

According to Kailyn, the MTV show had rearranged several clips to fit the story line of the episode, though it wasn't necessarily the way the events played out in real time. This complaint is similar to that of Houska's.

Javi, however, disagrees with his ex and spoke exclusively to In Touch Weekly saying that no one forces them to say anything.

"We control our story, so I never understand that. Yes, they may cut some things out, but we should be cognizant about what we say knowing they may cut some things out," he told the magazine.

Javi Marroquin has a long history of speaking to media outlets and selling his stories, which has been a bit of an issue for the pair's relationship.

Kailyn and Javi to appear on "Marriage Bootcamp"

Although fans have known for a while, Javi announced today that he and Kailyn Lowry would be appearing on WeTV's "Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Star Edition." The show will debut in October, though it was filmed almost a year ago.

As fans know, the bootcamp was unable to salvage their dying marriage, and the pair signed divorce papers in December of 2016. However, both claim that they learned useful tools on the show that they will use in relationships with other people.

Since the show ended, Javi has begun to date a woman named Lauren Comeau, who currently lives in South Carolina.

Though he has stated he wants his relationship to stay private, he tipped Radar Online off about the pair and has been posting photographs of them to his social media. Kail, however, is still single after giving birth to her newest addition, Baby Lo, but it appears that she and the father of the baby, Chris Lopez, are working on co-parenting.