Chelsea DeBoer gave birth to her son, Watson Cole, in late January this year. The little boy came before his due date and it sounds like he has been nothing but a pure joy to the family. Chelsea has hinted that Watson is a great sleeper at night. He has no problem going to bed and it sounds like he actually sleeps for most of the night, giving DeBoer the rest she needs. However, during the day it sounds like Chelsea is struggling to get him to nap.

As it turns out, Chelsea is now going on Twitter in hopes of getting some advice to get her son to sleep.

She opened up about her struggles with the little guy, sharing that she will carry him around and hold him until he falls asleep. When she puts him down, he will rest for about 10 minutes before waking up. Of course, a 10-minute power nap is better than no nap, but he should be napping for at least a few hours every day.

Struggles with naps

Instead of getting much help on Twitter, it sounds like people are just reaching out to her with similar stories. One person revealed that she had the same issue and that she's unsure of how people get their children to nap when they want them to. In addition, the conversation quickly turned to daycare centers, where the workers have to get children to nap - and often more than one child at a time.

Chelsea DeBoer agreed that it would be crazy to have to be a daycare owner and get the children to nap, especially since she struggled to just get Watson to nap.

It sounds like she's only having these issues with her son, as Aubree may have been the perfect napper. In fact, it sounds like Aubree is completely opposite, based on what fans see on "Teen Mom 2.". Here, DeBoer often struggles to get her out of bed and read for school. Maybe Chelsea is hoping that her son will take after her sister and sleep more when he's older.

Too busy to nap

There could be several reasons as to why her son doesn't want to go to bed. Maybe he just wants to hang out with his mom and explore the new world in front of him rather than sleep. Of course, the lack of rest can result in a grumpy baby, but if Watson doesn't want to sleep there's not much she can do about it. She can try to put him in a stroller or perhaps even a car seat and go for a drive. This may help him fall asleep, so she can run some errands with him in the car seat.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer's struggle to get her son Watson to nap? Are you surprised that he is such a great sleeper at night, but seems to be wide awake during the day?