YouTuber's Chance Sutton and Tessa Brook's broke up earlier this year and rumors that their relationship ended due to cheating have recently surfaced. Both of the YouTuber's accounts have been hacked and details surrounding their split have been leaked online. Fans are reeling at the news and are unsure if there is any truth to the rumors as they have not been confirmed by the couple.

Fans are convinced that Chance Sutton cheated on his girlfriend

According to Teen Vogue, fans were devastated when Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks announced that they were breaking up earlier this year.

Recently some of Sutton's screenshots and videos have surfaced on the internet and contain content, which makes fans believe that the relationship ended because Sutton cheated on Tessa.

It has been confirmed that Chance Sutton did not release the content online and as of yet, it remains unclear as to how the information was leaked. Some fans believe that his account was hacked into and that the hacker spread the controversial snap chats and videos while others believe that it could have been one of Sutton's friends.

According to Seventeen, the videos show FaZe Banks going to Chance Sutton's home and recording a video in which he confronts Sutton for cheating on Tessa. Other leaked photographs and videos show Chance in intimate situations with other girls.

While neither Chance Sutton nor Tessa Brookes has made a comment on the situation it appears that Chance was unfaithful in their relationship.

Tessa Brook’s accounts have also been hacked

According to Clevver News, Chance Sutton's account were not the only ones, which were hacked. It has been confirmed that Tessa Brook's accounts have also been hacked however no content from her accounts have been leaked.

One has to wonder if this was a deliberate attack on the couple to release the information as to why they broke up.

Meanwhile, fans of the former couple have taken to social media to express their disbelief at the situation. Many of the fan bases are confused about the cheating allegations while others are prompting that all of the evidence points towards Chance's infidelity.

Fans are wary of the news as the YouTuber team "Team 10" often create fake drama between them in order to get new followers. The leader of the group Jake Paul has been in the media a lot recently for pranks he has pulled and fans are wondering if this is simply another prank meant to bring in more views.

Tessa Brook has not commented on the claims that Chance cheated on her and for now, fans are left to their own conclusions.