Brooklyn Beckham is the son of stars, David and Victoria Beckham. He has surfaced in the media every now and again over the past few years. He mainly featured because of his relationship with actor Chloe Moretz. The Pair were very much in love with one another but unfortunately, the pairing did not work out. Now rumors of Brooklyn and former YouTuber Madison Beer have surfaced. Fans are speculating that the pair is dating as photos of them together have been posted to the internet. Madison Beer recently addressed these rumors and has denied that the pair is in a romantic relationship.

The rumors surfaced when the pair were seen together

According to the Daily Mail, the rumors about the pair began when they were spotted by the media spending a lot of time together. Pictures of the pair hanging out together have been posted to the internet and they certainly appear to be pretty close. Furthermore, the pair were spotted nearly kissing on Valentines Day earlier this year. A member of the paparazzi claims to have seen the pair locking lips last week.

However, there is no way of confirming this as true. For now, it can only be taken as mere speculation. Madison Beer has also let slip that Brooklyn will be moving to New York in a few weeks time. This means that the pair will be living in entirely separate places.

If they are dating this will certainly make it difficult for their relationship. The pair were seen in Beverly Hills just last week and only Madison has addressed the rumors in an interview.

The ex YouTuber addresses the rumors

According to The Sun, Madison Beer has addressed the rumors that she and Brooklyn Beckham are dating.

These rumors surfaced after the pair have been spotted by the press spending a lot of time together. Beer has stated that she is only 18-years-old and is not ready to settle down yet. She has expressed her desire to date other people and have fun before falling into a serious relationship. She has stated that there are people who she has crushes on but followed this comment up by reiterating how young she is.

In reference to Brooklyn himself, Madison has said that the pair is close friends. She said that she has known Brooklyn for a very long time and that he is one of her best friends. It is apparent that the pair are extremely close and one has to wonder if the claims are true. The former YouTuber admitted that she and Brooklyn are definitely crushing on each other but she has insisted that nothing has happened between them and doubts anything ever will.

Brooklyn Beckham is yet to comment on the rumors. It will be interesting to see the other side to the rumors and if Brooklyn might disagree with Madison's claims.