It’s almost a year since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their split. After their controversial and messy breakup, the couple decided to reach out to each other for the welfare of their children. However, there is still pain on Pitt's end after Jolie threw shades at him.

Brad Pitt is hurt with Angelina Jolie’s remarks in an interview

A source told Life & Style that the “Allied” actor was hurt with Jolie’s remarks about their “difficult” marriage. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the “Maleficent” star mentioned that their kids are brave and strong minded.

She added that they are not healing from the divorce but from something that she could not mention directly.

Pitt reportedly felt that Jolie was talking about his kids healing from him. This made him the “bad guy” in their split. This is a sensitive issue for the “Fight Club” star as he was embroiled in a fight with son, Maddox aboard a family plane in 2016.

Initial reports claimed that Pitt and Jolie were arguing. Maddox in joined to defend his mom, which did not sit well with Pitt. The “Seven” star allegedly lunged at the boy and the commotion started. Jolie jumped in between the two men to block her husband, but Pitt still managed to reach to the boy.

According to Us Weekly, the cameras at Minnesota’s International Falls Airport caught the fight between the father and son.

There was no physical contact between Pitt and Maddox. The recording was deemed helpful to the officers who investigated the issue.

A source who saw the video claimed that Pitt was yelling a lot, but he never hit his son. A source close to Pitt also confirmed the story to People. Yes, there was an argument between Jolie and Pitt and yes, there was a parent-child argument too.

However, Pitt and Maddox’s confrontation never reached a point of physical abuse. Any accusations beyond that were all lies and exaggerations.

Did Jolie just make up the story and use her acting skills to gain sympathy?

Another source also told In Touch Weekly that the battle between Jolie and Pitt is far from over. Still referencing to the Vanity Fair interview, the source added that Pitt felt his wife did a lot of acting to make him the bad guy in their divorce.

She blamed him for tearing their family apart.

A number of persons accused Jolie of running an endless smear campaign against her estranged husband. Meanwhile, a friend of Pitt explained that he is focusing on their children, so he is keeping his silence. He doesn’t want to cause more family drama and trouble.

Although Jolie has been throwing shades at her ex, Pitt just ignored it. He doesn’t want to fight back for the sake of their kids. Also, he has recovered from the issues after a lot of healing and self-improvement. He knows that his relationship with their children is okay and that’s enough for him.

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