Metro recently reported that united states president Donald Trump allegedly threatened to file legal charges to the producers of the movie “Sharknado 3,” should they fail to cast him in the film.

Trump allegedly was in “serious talks” to portray the role of the president in the TV movie, another report on Gizmodo stated.

Back in January 2015, the casting for the film “Sharknado 3” was taking place and at the same time, it was a year before Trump announced his candidacy. Gizmodo reported that Sharknado series main actor Ian Ziering personally dropped Trump’s name since he has already experienced being in front of the camera with “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The report went on saying that the discussions for Trump to play a role in the movie “got far and were serious talks.” Furthermore, casting director Gerald Webb told Gizmodo that a contract has been drafted, and sent to the lawyer of the current United States president.

But things reportedly got slower when the aspiring actor officially announced his candidacy and had around a year campaigning around the country.

Trump versus the producers?

According to Metro, the president allegedly said yes to the role – and he was “thrilled to be asked.”

The report also stated that Trump threatened to file charges and sue the producers of the movie if they fail to include him in the cast.

“Sharknado” series producer David Latt said in the report, “Donald Trump said yes. He was thrilled to be asked.”

Scenes with the president

Gizmodo reported that the movie needed a president as part of the cast, because of scenes that begin in Washington DC, the seat of the United States president.

The plot began when the capital in is besieged by a storm.

The movie producers reportedly offered the role to the former Republican governor of Alaska Sarah Palin as well. Palin has turned down the offer.

Nevertheless, “Sharknado 3” successfully run without Trump in the cast. It told the story of sharknado fighter Fin Shepard who was about to receive an award from the president, but a storm struck the capital and reached Florida.

Fin Shepard and his team fought to prevent the storm from wreaking havoc, in an action-filled movie with Ziering reprising the main role.

Another American businessman Mark Cuban went on to portray the President Marcus Robbins, the role that Trump allegedly wanted.

IMDb stated that the movie has already received award nominations.