Eric is finally coming back to the Forrester mansion, and Quinn is happy to know that. However, instead of reuniting with Quinn, Eric has a devastating news for his wife. He wants to divorce her and even kick her out of his house and company. With her life going to be a mess soon, how would Quinn cope with the results?

Sheila convinces Eric to cut ties with Quinn

Eric calls Quinn to tell her that he is ready to come home. She plans to apologize and explain how sorry she is for what happened. She would convince him to give her a second chance to make things right.

But contrary to what she is expecting that they would be able to fix their problem, Eric is decided to cut her off his life, thanks to Sheila's manipulation. Spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" via Celeb Dirty Laundry revealed that Sheila convinced Eric to cut all ties with Quinn permanently. That includes banning her from the Forrester mansion and the Forrester company.

Eric would also reveal to Quinn that he would divorce her. He has asked Carter to prepare the divorce papers, which would strip Quinn the Forrester name. He is deeply hurt after finding out that his wife and his son Ridge shared a kiss. With that, Sheila is taking advantage of his vulnerability by making him feel like there's no one else he could trust except Sheila.

Quinn's dark side to be awaken

Quinn has been living in the straight path since marrying Eric, but with her life turning to be a mess, "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers suggest that she might turn to the dark side again. Sheila has made a fierce enemy in Quinn, and the latter would likely want to take revenge against Sheila for ruining her marriage.

But Sheila is also a dangerous and highly manipulative woman, so Quinn would need some help to fight her. Will she turn to Ridge to help her to put down Sheila?

B&B spoilers via TVOvermind reveal that Ridge and Quinn are getting closer given the troubles they are experiencing with Eric. Eric has disowned Ridge, and it is only natural that they would turn to each other for some comfort.

However, Ridge is risking his relationship with his daughter Steffy by getting closer to Quinn. Steffy has asked him about his real intentions with Quinn, and he said he has no plans.

Do you think Quinn will unleash her dark side to win Eric back? Or will she and Ridge become even closer? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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