Big Brother 19” spoilers have been coming out at a very high rate this week. Even more “Big Brother 19” spoilers were revealed on the live feeds throughout Sunday (July 30), as the house has been filled with drama and chaos. Just when it seems like things are about to calm down, another verbal argument breaks out, typically including either Jessica Graf or Cody Nickson and someone from outside of their showmance.

Paul Abrahamian, who is the current Head of Household, has had enough of Cody Nickson. Late Sunday afternoon, he could be seen on the live feeds telling Josh Martinez to go irritate him in the “BB19” house.

Paul also told Alex Ow to stop even trying to speak with Cody, because he wasn’t being logical, mature, or respectful in any conversation that people were trying to have with him. Cody has been whining about just about everything going on.

Who won the Power of Veto?

The houseguests played for the Power of Veto on Saturday (July 29), with a lot on the line for the six people who got to participate in the challenge. It included the two nominees that Paul Abrahamian had gone with for the week. At that Nomination Ceremony, Paul went with Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson as a way to flush out the Halting Hex. Later, Paul would ask questions of production, finding out that Jessica had been lying a lot about how the special power would work this season.

At the Veto Competition, it wasn’t one of the nominees or Paul that emerged as the winner, as it was Kevin Schlehuber who stepped up to take the Power Of Veto. He now has to decide if he will honor the wishes of Paul Abrahamian and keep the nominations the same or if he should save one of the three nominees for the week. That presented some exciting “Big Brother 19” spoilers for the live feed viewers.

Why is there a third nominee for eviction?

The houseguests were given the chance to play in a Temptation Competition this week, which was the resulting curse of Jessica Graf accepting the Halting Hex. Everyone was given the option to opt out because the winner would be safe and the last place finisher would become the third nominee.

Mark Jansen ended up winning the Temptation Competition to gain safety, Jason Dent finished last and got nominated, and houseguests like Elena Davies and Cody Nickson sat it out. They both would later regret that decision.

With the Veto Ceremony taking place on Monday (July 31), there is a lot of drama in the “BB19” house right now. Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez have been at each other’s throats, Paul Abrahamian and Cody Nickson have been involved in several verbal altercations, and Jessica Graf may be close to using the Halting Hex. If Jessica does use her power, the house could reset for the week, but lines have definitely been drawn in the sand. What all of these latest “Big Brother 19” spoilers predict is that next week could be equally exciting for viewers.