Big Brother 19” spoilers now include who won the Power Of Veto. It was a long competition that took place on Saturday (July 29), but it was unclear if there would be a lot on the line due to what had taken place so far this weekend. Paul Abrahamian, as the Head Of Household, nominated Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction, setting off a lot of drama in the “BB19” house.

Heading into the Veto Competition, the stakes had been raised, with the possibility hanging over the house that Jessica Graf was going to use the Halting Hex. There was a third nominee, though, as Jason Dent finished last place in the Temptation Competition, forcing him to go on the block.

In that same competition, Jason Dent earned safety for the week.

Who won the Week 5 Power of Veto?

Kevin Schlehuber won the Power of Veto on Saturday. This was a really long competition, taking nearly five hours to complete. When the live feeds were finally turned back on, it was clear that production was using a similar competition to what took place in “Big Brother 18” with a lot of rain in the back yard. These are important “Big Brother 19” spoilers because now Kevin could be put in an awkward position by each of the three nominees.

At the Veto Ceremony, Kevin Schlehuber will have the chance to save Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, or Jason Dent from being on the block. If he decides to keep the nominations the same, then those are the three people that will be voted upon at the next Eviction Ceremony.

If Kevin saves someone, then Paul will have to name a replacement nominee. That could certainly be an interesting moment.

What happens next in the ‘BB19’ house?

These are important “Big Brother 19” spoilers because it has a huge impact on what will come next inside the house. Paul Abrahamian may have wasted his week as the Head of Household, but if he is able to flush out the Halting Hex, it could be seen as a victory.

That was a huge power Jessica Graf had in her possession and not something that the rest of the “BB19” cast wanted to deal with all summer.

There are going to be some interesting moments as the days count down to the next Eviction Ceremony. If Kevin Schlehuber does decide to save someone from the block, it is extremely likely that Paul Abrahamian will be putting Elena Davies on the block. Elena would likely be safe, but it could all be for nothing if Jessica Graf decides to use the Halting Hex. That could lead to even more “Big Brother 19” spoilers should she do it early in the week.