This week on "Big Brother" was unlike any other week. What viewers saw was bad with lots of fights, but CBS didn't show how awful the houseguests really were to one another. What viewers saw was terrible behavior consisting of screaming, cursing and being mean. More of what went on was seen on the live feeds that Mark confessed was embarrassing.

Besides the fights, there was relationship drama between Jessica and Cody. Also, there were conversations going on back and forth where Paul and a few others tried to convince Jessica not to use the Halting Hex.

Jessica's Halting Hex

Jessica was torn between using the Halting Hex to save herself and Cody from eviction or to let the eviction take place where Cody was doomed to be voted off the show. She made a deal with Paul where she was leaning toward not using it, but then she changed her mind saying Cody was the only person in the house she could trust. Paul was tricking her anyway by promising to help get Alex out of the house.

No one knew what Jessica was really going to do until the last minute. During the ceremony, the three nominees were asked to make a pitch to save themselves. Jason stood first but used his time to speak against Cody instead of saying why he shouldn't be eliminated. Then it was Jessica's turn.

She stood and simply said, "World Peace." Cody said he had nothing to say.

Paul used his Power of Veto to save Jason. Then the eviction would have been between Jessica and Cody. That's when Jessica announced she was using the Halting Hex to stop the eviction. Therefore, there was no voting and no one was evicted this week.

HoH competition

In preparation for the HoH competition, the houseguests were allowed to practice Wednesday night for Thursday's "Gravestone Golf" competition. However, the practice session was not aired. It was a mini golf-style set-up in the backyard where the competitors had to hit a ball with a club in the shape of a big foot.

The object of the game was to hit the ball into numbered slots. The person who got the highest number would become HoH for the upcoming week.

Houseguests held their breath when Cody got a high score of 21. Three more players took their turns before Josh received a score of 23 which the houseguests liked. Two more players took their turns but did not get a score higher than 23. That meant Josh Martinez won the golf competition and is the new HoH. Host Julie Chen asked him what favor he wanted, and the 23-year-old Homestead, Florida native said he wanted a letter from his mother.

With Jason at the helm this week, what do you think will happen? As much as Josh hates Cody and Jessica, do you think he will put them up for eviction, or do you think Paul will talk him into doing something else?