After seven long years, the sequel to the “SkylineFilm has finally arrived. The second film will be entitled “Beyond Skyline” and critics say that it’s significantly better than the first science fiction movie. “Beyond Skyline’s” new trailer doesn’t seem as bad as the 2010 film.

Looking back then, “Skyline” was panned by several critics. They found the movie to be underwhelming and unimpressive. The first film also got a 16 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Several changes to improve the sequel

The downfall in ratings for the first installment was its limited budget.

It was on a strict 10-million-dollar budget which significantly limited some of its aspects. But now it’s different. Some of the major improvements include its new casting and a new director. It also has a spin-off plot.

Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, and Iko Wais headline the new cast of the “Beyond Skyline” film. The first-time director, Liam O’Donnell directed the movie. He was also the producer and writer of the first movie.

More ambitious second film

Several critics have their say on the new trailer. They commented that it was more ambitious than the first one. The plot revolves around the invading aliens who kidnapped the detective’s son. The father, Mark (to be played by Frank Grillo) will do everything to save his child.

He will embark on a dangerous mission and will board the ginormous alien spaceship.

The trailer’s most intense part was the alien invasion in big numbers and sizes. Unlike “Skyline” where the alien action started until the very end of the film, “Beyond Skyline” took the best parts of the first film and expanded all of those ideas.

There will be a lot of action scenes and face-to-face with the alien invaders.

Mark will also ally with fellow humans in fighting to the death to defeat the aliens. Things to look out for are the ancient ruins, big bad aliens, the robot dinosaur aliens, and much more.

Filming finished long ago

Filming for “Beyond Skyline” finished three years ago but it was only this year that things got into motion for its theatrical release.

The events of the film are on the same timeline as “Skyline.” According to Dark Horizons, “Beyond Skyline” was filmed in several parts of Indonesia.

When will it be out?

The first trailer for the sequel shows that it can redeem the franchise and deliver the failed promises of the first film. However, the ending of the “Beyond Skyline” trailer didn’t specify what month it will be showing. If rumors are true, the film is slated to be released before the year ends.